Sunday, December 31, 2006

I have opened ...

a blog specifically dedicated to cherpea designs, you can find the link below or over to the right in my side bar.

All sketches etc will be loaded there from this point on.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

100 downloads for sketch 11 & 12 gone

Wow I really can't believe it. Thanks to all of you who have left a comment. Its very much appreciated.

Here are links to sketch 11 and 12 again, previews are in the post below.

sketch 11

sketch 12


The lupins lining the roadside to Lake Tekapo without a doubt are dazzling. And it doesn't matter how many times you have seen this awesome display, turning a slight bend in the road to see a display of these beautiful blooms lining the roadside is purely breath taking.

We took a drive with Chris' Mum, Sister and brother in law a couple of days back and once again I was blown away by the sheer beauty nature can summon.

I simply had to stop and take some photos, okay in truth more than some but less than 100! The colours are just so absolutely amazing, blues and purples, pinks and whites with just a splash here and there of bright clear yellow. They are such happy flowers I think perhaps I will have to distribute some lupin seed around my garden, and bring a little of the beauty home with me.

Supplies used in the layout

Paper - Sharon Kenealy (ksharonk) Holiday Romance kit

Font - CK Maternal & Century Gothic

Stitching - Rather Ragged Stitches - Christine Smith @ TheDigiChick

Friday, December 29, 2006

I been scrappin!

And no I have not been starting any fights round here but I have been scrappin some!
And not only have I been scrappin but I have been creating some templates too! I tell ya they just make digi scrapping so easy!

Wanna see something of what I have been doing? Nah? Okay then go right on ahead and click that little red x up in the right hand corner there, will catch ya on the flip side but if you are still here then here we go, hang on for the ride.

(removed for publication in ReadySetCreate an online scrapping magazine in their February/March issue. Used Old Postcard created by Amber Clegg for the Frosty and Fabulous kit at

Okay first up we have Dannielle's tiny little feet. I caught this shot in amongst the others I took on Christmas Day. How could you not love such teeny tiny feet like this? Specially when they are attached to my little minx.

Buttons - Lisa Whitney - Real Buttons (Brown)
Stamps - Lisa Whitney - Real Stamped Alpha
Background paper - Me
Font - Century Gothic
Program - PS 7

And next up is funky little one just for me! Why because I want to thats why! And I am loving the tunes I have playing at the moment, who you may ask well none other than the amazing Carbon Leaf themselves!

Papers & Staples - Lisa Whitney - A Beautiful Mess kit @ ScrapArtist
Sketch Template - Cheryl Peacock @ cherpea designs
Font - Century Gothic

Now what I wouldn't have done to take their photo! Alas I didn't that I found off the Carbon Leaf website.
Never heard of them, well go on and google them and take a listen. And while you are googling things you might want to check out the amazing Lisa Whitney! She's one of the amazing Fab Five that made it through the ScrapArtist Apprentice comp, I tell you I am loving her amazing digi kits. They are so amazingly easy to work with. Hey no not now come back, do it when you finish reading here. Huh you might just miss out on a couple of linkies to some more templates if you go wandering off googling things now.

Sketch Template # 10

Sketch Template # 11

Sketch template # 12

Okay now you all remember the rules, be nice, share the link to here not to the zip files and leave me a comment if you grab them will you. We all work better with praise.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Scrapped!

I love it, I got to scrap away last night while Chris was playing his new computer game I got him for Christmas. He's a bit bummed cause he has to start right from the beginning and earn his way round the rally circuit buying new cars as he goes. He has to drive a sooped up Fiat Punto at the moment, which is so not what he wants to be driving.

But anyways I got some scrapping time in! Yipppppeeeeeee! Even created some more templates! Life is good!

So wanna see them? Do ya? Huh? Huh? Okay I will play nice and share.
The black borders by the way are simply so that the edges of the pages don't get lost in the white of the blog.

Supplies - Papers from Frosty and Fabulous kit - The Fab Five @ Scrap Artist (papers used created by Amber Clegg and Lisa Whitney)
Stitching - Rather Ragged Stitches (recoloured) - Christine Smith @ The Digi Chick
Font - CK Maternal
Sketch Template - Cheryl Peacock @ cherpea designs
Photography - Cheryl Peacock

Paper - Background - Peppermint Paper Pack by Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist
Paper - Frosty and Fabulous kit by The Fab Five - Amber Clegg @ ScrapArtist
Snowflake - Frosty and Fabulous kit by the Fab Five - Christine Honsinger @ ScrapArtist
Clip - Sharon Keneally @
Stitching - Rather Ragged Stitches - Christine Smith @ The Digi Chick
Quote - Mindy Teresawa @ Designer Digitals
Sketch Template - Cheryl Peacock @ cherpea designs

Papers - Frosty and Fabulous kit by The Fab Five - papers used created by Amber Clegg and Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist
Stitching - Rather Ragged Stitches (recoloured) by Christine Smith @ The Digi Chick
Font - CK Maternal
Sketch Template - Cheryl Peacock @ cherpea designs

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A quick layout

this is the reason I love templates! It means you can very quickly put together a page that looks like you took hours doing it!

Okay so this one is a little on the moody side and I have not added to the embellishment at all, but I love it none the less.


Papers - Dianne Rigdon @ Scrap Artist - Forbidden Garden Paper stack
Font - CK Maternal
Sketch Template - Cheryl Peacock @ cherpea designs
Photography - Cheryl Peacock

Monday, December 25, 2006

We've had a wonderful Christmas Day

To be able to spend Christmas with your family is fantastic, we spent Christmas here at home this year, for the last few years we have made the trip to the North Island, but this year we didn't have to drive anywhere too far.

I got to talk to my Mum and Dad this morning, which was little bittersweet actually, knowing this year that I wouldn't see them over the Christmas - New Year holiday. We have made it north at some stage of the holiday season at some stage, but this year we won't.

Mum and Dad were spending Christmas Day with my brother Neil and his wife Arlene and my other brother Kevin (both the boys work on the same dairy farm) so this year they got to spend time with them. Next year I think we will have to work on getting them down here for Christmas. I guess its one of the hazards of living half a country apart. Okay so our country isn't quite as big as some but that stretch of water between the islands is the expensive bit!

The girls had an absolute blast today, thoroughly spoilt! But then I guess you could say we all were. We are so very fortunate, and we do count our blessings.

For those of you for whom Christmas is yet to come, may your day be filled with as many blessings as ours has been. And those of you who like us are at the tail end of Christmas day join me in a glass of water and count your blessings too.

Oh my oh my!

Well I never ever thought this would happen EVER! Having to upload a sketch file again in a matter of days. But it has!
The sketch I am reloading is Sketch Template # 9 aka the Christmas Tree one, need a preview? Look a couple of posts down.

Please remember to comment if you grab the template. It takes but a moment and will make my day!

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours we wish you the Merriest of Christmas Days,
and may 2007 treat you well.

Chris, Cheryl, Anya and Dannielle

Sunday, December 24, 2006

In Loving Memory

of Alan Peacock
16 December 1948 - 24 December 2005
Photo taken at our wedding 2001

Sketch Template # 9 aka the Christmas tree one

Somewhere deep in the recesses of my brain this sketch had been hiding, but it can't hide anymore.

Hee hee and I have just this minute spotted the spelling mistake on the template, thats what you get for being up at the crack of dawn and trying to get the sketch to happen before you lose the memory.

And in case you are wondering about the whereabout of sketch template # 8 there is one, inspired by a layout created by my dear friend Tammy, alas that one still needs a little tweaking so in the interests of getting # 9 to you I have put # 8 on hold. It will however be released soon.

And there is the link to the file, spelling mistake and all, please leave a comment if you download and a very Merry Christmas to you.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sketch Template # 1

Link updated, you can simply click on the link now to download the file.

crediting for layouts using my templates

As you will have noticed if you have downloaded my templates there is no TOU included.

Why? Well to this point it was basically only me or friends using my templates and it wasn't really an issue.
From now I will be adding a TOU into the file also, (probably in JPG format).

In the mean time can you please credit me by adding into your supply list / credit list


Cheryl Peacock - cherpea designs@


My thanks to everyone who is interested in using my templates.

I won! well more like I defeated

that miserable mouse that was torturing and teasing me last night! I got mad enough that I went and tidied up the pantry to the point that there is not one single thing left in there that isn't in a container that the miserable little critter could get into.
Took an hour to do it as well then just after I finished and had closed the door and was about to head to bed the stupid little critter found the trap! And at that stage I had to go wake up my poor long suffering husband to get rid of it right then and there!

You remember those freebie templates I posted a few days back now, well I got asked by a dear friend, Dawn if I had posted on a particular digiscrapping board that they were available. No I hadn't but I have now, so I am interested to see if anyone else thinks that they are worth downloading.
I create and use them because it makes digi scrapping a breeze, one less thing to think about when you have 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there. And even though they are sketch templates it sure doesn't mean that you have to keep them exact. Its merely a springboard for creating something personal.

We still have the cold miserable rain here, and now it comes down to the wire. I have a photo shoot today, of four sisters who haven't been together in the same space at the same time for over a year, so what can I do to get at least some shots today. Obviously I am gonna have to work inside today and see if we can reschedule the outside shots for after Christmas before two of the sisters head home again.
You know how it is though, you have an image in your head of what you want to get, then someone goes and throws a spanner in the works. We have been getting fine-ish spells late afternoon so may have to try and get them together then and hope they can brave the cold wind for a wee bit. Otherwise will have to come up with Plan B.

Working on a couple more templates too so keep an eye out for those soon.

Friday, December 22, 2006

There's a ruddy mouse about to ...

cop it seriously if it doesn't hurry up and find the dang mouse trap we have had to set in our pantry!

One of the joys of living in the country is dealing with mice! Usually we don't have to worry about the little buggers at this time of year though since its normally nice and hot!

But this year with temps being compared to that in Amsterdam, we had a high here today of just 12 degrees with a wind chill taking it down to 3 degrees! I swear I have had enough of it! Bring on the heat, bring it on! Then, not only would we not have to drag out all the winter woolies again, but we wouldn't have to worry about mice inside! The little buggers would all be outside breeding madly and waiting patiently to invade our houses come autumn.

Finally though we are all getting to chill out (okay maybe the wrong words here) and relax, sleep in some, well as much as you can with two younger children anyway. Not rush to get places, do things, you know all the usual stuff that we have to deal with on a day to day basis. Now if only the weather would come to the party we would all be happier! Mind you having said that Nana's house is looking awfully inviting to the girls, not only does she have huge amounts of art supplies to play with, lots of goodies to eat and drink, its warm (okay so is our house when the heat pump is on!), and since it is Nana's house Nana obviously is there, but the topper is that she has Sky TV which means the Disney Channel. Now what more could two little girls want?

For some reason though Anya's pet spider hasn't yet paid a visit. Now before you all go thinking I have gone soft in the head, after all anyone that knows me well knows I HATE spiders and would happily see them flattened, rest assured this little bugger is only one of those little harmless hoppy spiders we get here. Hey I wonder if they eat mice?! There could be the answer to my mouse problem, set the pet spider on the miserable little rodent!

I have a photo shoot tomorrow and could use some good weather wishes sent flying this way, so if anyone at all has some halfway decent weather how bout wafting some of it my way please?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Today is my Mums birthday

Happy Birthday to ya Mum, hope your day brings plenty of smiles and if it doesn't well check this little ditty out and see if that doesn't bring a smile to your face.

Click on the link to be taken to a cool little video, press play sit back and smile!

Some freebies for you

I love creating and using these templates, they make digital scrapping so easy.
I've actually had these done for a while now, just haven't had a spare moment to put together the previews, zips and uploads. But now I have, so they are free for you to share though please respect my work and don't hotlink or call them your own.

Please if you download them leave a comment, and if you use them I would love to see what you have done with them.

The link to each sketch follows the preview.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So now its pouring with rain!

Enough already with the crazy weather! We had the most glorious day yesterday and tody well its been down right changeable and now its raining so dang hard.

Started late this afternoon. We went into the final school assembly (Mum P, Chris, Dannielle and I) in the dry and when we came out it was bucketing down! And chilly! NOT nice, whomever is in charge of the weather please note that more than a few New Zealanders would like some summer weather now please! Mind you if it keeps up like this for a few days we might actually get some decent weather Christmas day.

The assembly went okay but it was more than a bit too long, the poor littlies were getting a bit restless and having trouble focusing on what they were meant to be. An hour and a half had more than a few of the adults squirming in their seats too.

Part of todays assembly was to farewell the teachers that were leaving the school, the magical Miss Tucker included. Oh heavens I wish there was a way that we could keep her here, but maybe in the future we will see her again, hopefully in a teaching role!

I can't remember if I told you that I asked if it was possible to take some photos of Anya and Miss Tucker, well other parents found out about it and asked if I would take a class photo and individuals of their children as well. Well I did, and I was rather happy with them, well I also got one of Miss Tucker as well. (see below)

Okay so finally managed to ge that dang scanner bed clean after about ten tries! Well mostly clean will have to ckeck it properly with some white paper yet.

So there you go, the 2006 Santa photo, nothing terribly spectacular considering she had a captive audience to work with! And a professional Nikon complete with appropriate lighting! I am struggling with all the extra either side of Santa and the girls, isn't the whole idea to get a shot of Santa and the kids? Not all the extra stuff on either side? Oh well next year I will be making use of the lights and the opportunity to take my own camera in!

Okay so we got a bit waylaid here again, which I guess is fairly normal for this time of year. Anya's teacher, Miss Tucker is leaving the school and heading onward on her world tour with her partner. They are off to Africa and India next after touring round NZ for a bit longer, before heading home again to England. I really hope they have a great time but I so wish she wasn't leaving, as do alot of parents.

She has been the most amazing teacher, and Anya along with the rest of her class mates simply adore Miss Tucker. So anyway yesterday at lunch time we had a farewell for her. A complete surprise to her! Okay more than a little skullduggery going on, but we simply couldn't let her get away without telling her how much she means to us and our children. So all bringing a plate of goodies, and donating to a basket of goodies for her and her partner to have some extra special treats at Christmas time. A great time was had.

Mum Pea as you may remember was moving down here, just round the road from us infact. Well her furniture arrived late in the afternoon last Friday and now after a whirlwind series of unpacking sessions she has only a few boxes left to unpack. I have to say her house is looking especially nice now with all her furniture in. And the girls are just loving having Nana so close by. Her house is just up the street from Anya's school, and it seems like we have popped in for a quick visit each day after school.

Monday afternoon she got to come to the Christmas Party at kindy. Dannielle hardly left her side, except to drag her somewhere else to show something else to her. And today we are off to Anya's final assembly for the year. So will leave the van at Nana's and walk down. Its much closer and easier to park there and walk down than try and find a parking spot when all the parents with children at the school are doing the same.

And speaking of school Anya got the most amazing report. Four months at school and she has simply taken off. She is working at a level comparable to children who have been there much longer than her! She knows who her teacher is going to be next year also, though I found out yesterday that most of the little girls she is friendly with will be in the other class. But Anya being Anya she will come home with even more bestest friends, and still enjoy playtime and lunchtime with her girlfriends from the other class.

Chris finishes up work tommorrow, and is sooooo looking forward to it! Today he moves his office up to the front office, since when he goes back next year it will be in his new role on the improvement team.

We are hoping to get the kitchen painted this holidays, gonna take a lot of work but it will be so worth it. It is the last room (with the exception of my office and the laundry, which we weren't planning on doing) left to repaint or paper. We did the others during the year and I have got the roman blind made and up in the kitchen. So hopefully we will have some photos to be showing you of our new and improved kitchen soon.

Monday, December 18, 2006

What on earth is up with the weather?

Okay so when is it going to be summer? This morning it's definitely on the chillier side though it looks like we are in for a glorious day, but what is so wierd is that we are normally doing things like watering our lawn and garden to keep them alive by now! And so far that has not been needed. Sure there have been gloriously hot days, like last Tuesday when it was 28 degrees with 21% humidity! Then the following day have a high of 17 and 82% humidity! Sucky! Thats all I have to say! I would like summer to start sometime soon please.

Okay so those of you who currently are battling there way through snow, ice and other wintery delights will look at my rant and want to slap me some for complaining about the weather. But when we had such a long winter, and a lot harder than usual too! We were really kinda looking forward to a nice summer!

What's been happening here? Well I got asked to do the other new entrants class photos at our local school as well. I kinda guessed it was gonna happen, though this time it wasn't quite so bad! It certainly was a lot easier getting the class photo with the extra space the other teacher had. So anyway it appears the parents are more than happy with the results since they all pretty much ordered something.

I did a shoot with Sandy, Phil and her kids, I have to tell you teenagers are interesting to work with! Keep in mind I have pretty much only ever shot younger children so this was a bit of a learning curve for me! Not a bad one though!

I also took Santa knee photos at the Playcentre Christmas party. No not close ups of the jolly red mans knee but of each child on his knee or at least close by for those who were less than keen to climb up onto this strange persons knee. Which got me thinking, and that can be a strain at this time of year. That all during the year we teach our kids about stranger danger then at Christmas time we want them to climb up onto a strangers knee to get a photo taken! Okay there is an insight into how my brain can wear the heck out of me at times!

But speaking of Santa photos, I did take the girls into the closest mall to us for a Santa photo. The girls got themselves all dressed up in their fancy dresses, and party shoes, combed and brushed that which must be combed and brushed before leaving the house and we headed off to the mall to get a Santa photo. Not the one we normally go to and while the photo was not quite as "tah dah" as it could have been, the Santa had a real beard and was at least interested in what the kids had to say! And much to my annoyance I found out I could have taken my camera in and taken some photos myself! As long as I bought the "Santa photo" as well! Colour me annoyed. The mall we normally visit to get the Santa photos would flay you if you even suggested it!

Uhhhh now I have just tried twice to scan the said photo in and twice its come up with big black marks dotted over the photo! Uhhhh I thought I had got the paint splotches off the dang glass but it appears not, so how bout I try again later after cleaning the sucker again!
So you will all have to come back a bit later and check out my beautiful girls with Santa.

Right now though I have to go make some lunches for the girls, Dannielle is off to kindy and Anya to school. Anya has three days of school left the final assembly is on Wednesday. Dannielle will go to kindy Thursday morning and that is the end of the running round for a bit! Let the holidays begin!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Kids Christmas party

Yep its that time of the year again, Christmas party time! The GC kids party was the first up this year. A picnic up at the Groynes, Santa visited, lolly scramble, running races and these funky little cars.

As you can see in the photos adults can ride in them as well! And the interesting driving style Dannielle has I was sooooo glad that Chris was there with her! Anya on the other hand had it down pat! She's gonna make a good little driver if she keeps this up, though I am betting she will also be a racer cause every time Dannielle and Daddy came near her she kept a perfect race line and her little car was all but impassable!

Santa had 5 minutes spare so he stopped for a few photos after giving out a few dozen pressies.
And we were lucky enough to get a couple.

Check back in the next couple of days for some more digi template freebies, my little Christmas gift to you.