Monday, April 23, 2007

Its a crazy old life!!!!

Where on earth is time going? Last week was the final week of school holidays, so the girls and I tried to get into mischief. I tell you it really doesn't take much to get into mischief, and where ever possible we tried to include Nana Peacock in the mischief!

I had two photo shoots during the week, the first on Monday morning when the D girl was at kindy. I did have my wonderful big girl as my helper along with me. She is a great wee photographers assistant. So since we got done early Anya and I went and picked up some lunch and went to see if Nana was home, thank goodness she was otherwise we would have been eating pie till dinner time!

Tuesday was an at home day, we played some computer games, not Chris' racing games that the girls are really rather good at too but computer games none the less! There are some pretty amazing games out on the market for kids now days, especially for girls who really aren't into the whole shootem up thing!

Do you know how many wax and dye paintings two girls and a Nana can create in one morning? Lots thats what! And I was kept busy refilling the dye pots, breaking the odd candle here and there and making food for lunch, and that was where Wednesday morning went too. The second photo shoot that afternoon with the girls spending the afternoon with Nana. Then dinner at her place, yay no cooking for me!

Groceries of course had to happen somewhere along the line so Thursday saw us doing the dreaded grocery shop. Uhhh its so not a pleasant job and with a hungry family never a cheap thing!

Friday we went to town to the theatre, the Court Theatre each holiday puts on a childrens play, this term holiday it was "the three little pigs". First time going and I can tell you its going to be happening again, ticket prices were really good, it didn't matter if you were a child or adult the price was the same. And for the hour of the show the four actors performing were kept on the go! And as you can imagine a theatre half filled with children is bound to be somewhat on the loud side, and this was no exception. But you know what? The girls had a blast, they were joining in making as much noise as all the other kids. And absolutely loved it!

Then on Sunday, we went out to the local speedway. Needless to say it was noisy too but so much fun! The girls had a blast, though needed to be watched rather closely so that they didn't get too close to the safety fence. We did have one car roll right in front of us which was rather a sight! And it did make it clear to the girls that the cars simply don't stop quickly even if they wanted too!

Will try and post some more pages later, though there are some of of them that I can't share right at the moment. But as soon as I can you can bet you will see them here.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Paper – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Artsty Fartsy Vol 2)
Cardboard tear – Linda Gil Billdal @ ScrapArtist (Cardboard Flip and Tear)
Stitching – Kim Christensen @ ScrapArtist (Scribble Circles)
Alphas – Kate Hadfield @ the Lily Pad (Doodled Paper Alphas (blog freebie))
Font – Palace Script MT
Journalling reads
Where do you go to my lovely? When you’re alone in your head.You had wandered off somewhere even though you stood before me. I often wonder where you go off to quietly inside your head.
Okay so my youngest is the full on, try anything once daredevil in our family! Why else would a 4 year old climb nearly 6 feet in the air?
I have to admit that she did very well, and at least had the common sense to call out when she realised she was stuck! Thankfully I was close by and could hear her quiet little cry for help!
And no, I did NOT just leave her hanging there while I grabbed the camera, I got her big sister to hold her up for a couple of seconds while I grabbed these shots!
Background Paper – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Chocolate Covered Maraschino Cherries)Other Papers – Dianne Rigdon @ ScrapArtist (HippieChic)
Star – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Bitty Stars)
Doodle Flower - Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Painted Doodle Flowers)
Chaos finds me wordart & Staples - Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (A Beautiful Mess Kit)
Stitching - Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Ultimate Stitches Vol 1)
Sketch Template – Rachael Giallongo @ theDigiChick (Trendy collection with bonus elements)Corner lines – Katie Pertiet @ Designer Digitals (Web Freebie)
Fonts – 3 grammes 5 & Century Gothic
Journalling reads…
Would you climb to the top of the cupboards? Because you can? You were well and truly stuck!It’s okay though, Mummy saved you! After grabbing a couple of pictures!

Paper – Dianne Rigdon @ ScrapArtist (In the gloaming)
Alphas & Asterisks – Kate Hadfield @ the Lily Pad (Doodle Paper Alpha & Add-on (blog freebies))
Sketch Template – Rachael Giallongo @ the DigiChick (Lots to Say Vol 1)
Font – Century Gothic
Journalling reads
Well she used to be anyway!
Now she is more like health hazard brown! But you love her none the less! She is starting to seriously fall apart, but she is obviously well loved!
Her hands are so worn and grimy now its a wonder you haven’t caught some serious illness from her!
We let you choose a sister dolly for your 3rd birthday, in the hopes that pink wouldn’t get quite so much loving attention!
But it wasn’t till you turned four that sister dolly started geting some loving. Pink is still around but she is in hiding for a while.

My all time favourite colour!
Paper – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Be my Valentine paper pack (recoloured))
Silver swirls – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Believe Element Pack)
Crumpled Swatch overlay – Kirsty Wiseman
Doodle Flowers – Dawn Moore
Flowers and Jewels – Melany Violette
Perfect – Katie Pertiet @ DesignerDigitals (2nd Hand Love)
Font – An Unfortunate Event Dewarped (purple)
Photograph – Chris Hellyar Photography

Friday, April 13, 2007

A few recent pages

DD# 1 yesterday wrapped up in a towel to keep warm, and you know how you have those Mummy moments when all of a sudden you really see yourself in your child, well this was it for me!

I am thrilled that she was only to happy to have her photo taken. Thank you darling girl!

Papers – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Frosty & Fabulous, A Beautiful Mess & Peppermint Paper Pack (some recoloured))
Staples – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (A Beautiful Mess Elements)
Flowers - Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Painted Doodle Flowers)
Journalling Spot – Katie Pertiet @ Designer Digitals (Curled Journal Spots 3 (recoloured))Sketch Template – Rachael Giallongo @ theDigiChick (Ring around the Rosie)
Fonts – Texas Hero & Laundromat 1967

My girl certainly has attitude and I knew as soon as I saw the page by Ana Calabresi, April's guest godess on the Hub that I needed to lift this design and use it for this particular photo.

I love how it turned out!

Everything from Janel Kretschman @ Pink Poodle Studios (Joie de Vivre kit)

Font - AL Afternoon Delight

If you are in need of trouble to be found, call on these two, my DD#2 and her bestest little friend!

Lovingly known as the twins! They get into all sorts of mischief all the time!

Template – Rachael Giallongo @ thedigichick (Ring around the Rosie – released 4/12)Background paper – Karah Fredricks @ thedigichick (Foundation)

Other papers & Stitching – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (ArtsyFartsy Vol 1 & Chocolate Covered Maraschino Cherries & Ultimate Stitches Vol 1)

Flowers – Michelle Coleman @ ScrapArtist (Chelseys Dream Kit)

Font - 3 grammes 5

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh my goodness

Was I in for a surprise when I went blog hopping this morning!

Over at "the Hub" ScrapArtist's blog was this wee gem!

Yep I got another layout picked as Featured (Friday) Sunday. What a thrill, and now both girls have had their smiley faces appear there.

I took the photo of the D girl and her bestest little friend Elise while they were clowning round in their fairy/dance outfits the other day. They are very lovingly known as the twins (or even the conjoined twins!) Born to different parents hasn't meant that they aren't always together! Boy can these two get into mischief! But we love them anyway!

Paper – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Be My Valentine Paper Pack – Frustrated)

Stars – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Painted Doodle Stars)

Silver Swirl – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Believe Element Pack)

Font – Stamp Act

Frame – Nancy Comelab @ MyDigitalMuse (Realistic Shadows Vintage Frames)

Journalling Spot – Katie Pertiet @ DesignerDigitals (Curled Journal Spots 3)

Twin girls born a few months apart to differnt parents. You two are always together, giggling and playing, chattering and quite often getting into all kinds of mischief. But always together!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Found this on the fabdabulous Rachael Giallongo's Blog found here! Can you colour me thrilled to bits to be joining her team for April?!?!?!

CT news, changes, updates: I am BEYOND thrilled to have 3 new members of the Chick Clicks/Duplicates Creative Team! Check out my sidebar! ------>

I would also like to give a warm welcome to Cherpea as my Guest CT member for the month of April! :)

Papers – Jomi Van Bekkkum @ thedigichick (Girly Paper Pack)
Textured Cardstock – Cheryl Peacock @ cherpea designs
Flowers (recoloured) – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (A Beautiful Mess Kit)
Cardboard corner tear – Linda Gil Billdal @ ScrapArtist (Cardboard Edge overlays)
Frame – Nancy Comelab @ MyDigitalMuse (Realistic shadows Vintage Frames)
Clips – Sharon Kenealy @ PickleberryPop (Summer Sweetness – blog freebie)
Font – AL Afternoon Delight
Stitching and Title stamping – Christina Renee
Template - Rachael Giallongo @ thedigichick (All in the Details)