Thursday, July 27, 2006

A quick trip to .....

school. We had to postpone Anya's first school visit but yesterday afternoon she got to meet her very first teacher. Miss Tucker, a beautiful, sweet and friendly English girl. I guess girl is probably not the PC term to use, but she seems sooooo young! Or is it just me feeling suddenly really rather old?

Anya was a bit quiet first off, but very quickly joined in the fun. It was so cute to just sit back and watch her interact with everyone. She knows several of the children in her class, her little friend Sarah is in her class too so thats good news. Not that for one minute I think that she will have any trouble what so ever making new friends.

She joined in on the reading, and did a few puzzles, and did some writing, just short wee bursts of lots of different things. But she really seemed to enjoy herself and is looking forward to going back again for another visit next Wednesday morning. And that in itself is good for us parents to know. Then on the 9th she will be off to school for her first day of school.

I am gonna be a busy girl this coming Saturday, I am helping out with the Photography fundraiser for the Toy Library. Will be helping my friend Chris Hellyar take portraits for families booked in. Should be interesting, though very busy!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The winners have been announced

Congratulations to the winners and the top fives in each category. I was in Level One, and I am so happy to have 5 new digital layouts. Five more than I had before the competition started and I have learnt so many different techniques!

If you are interested in checking out the layuts head on over to and have a look through the DNTS gallery!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The hits they just keep coming!

Okay so I finally said enough was enough and went and got some cough meds to control this dang cough of mine on Sunday. Chris and I went for lunch while the girls were at a birthday party. And thankfully for me it works!

Now if there were only some magical medicine you could get to stop a nearly 5 year old from tossing her cookies several times an hour! Anya has been up since midnight last night with what is probably a violent tummy bug. NOTHING at all we can do for her apart from keep her as comfy as possible! Managed to get a Drs appointment first thing this morning and he thinks all is okay other than the bug hitting her tum.

A friend took Dannielle to kindy for me, bless her little cotton socks! Made the world of a difference! Felt a real meany having to wake Anya up to go pick her up after lunch though! And thats when the next hit struck. The teachers at Kindy said to get Dannielle checked out that they think she has conjunctivitis!!!! Think INFECTIOUS!!!! not hard to deal with but infectious none the less. So we have our second appointment for the day at the Drs.

Anya's school visit has had to be put off, hopefully all going well she will be able to go in on Wed afternoon now. Oh for a trip somewhere warm and sunny!

Friday, July 21, 2006

I've been sick

or was it a hippo that collided with me and didn't bother stopping to check to see what the damage was! Very rude of that hippo I tell ya! Still not 100%, it's all the coughing thats getting right on my wick now!

Well Anya's invites are out! You remember the photos I showed you the other day well we decided to go with the serene butter wouldn't melt in her mouth look! And Chris got Anya to write out the invite words and then scanned them in to add to the front of the card. I think he did a great job with them, he was a little concerned that I wouldn't have time enough to get to them and that they would be going out at the last minute!

Only a few more weeks now before Anya heads off to school for the first time. We got a call from her teacher the other day for her to come in for the first of her school visits. So next Tuesday afternoon (25th) Anya and I are off to school for the afternoon. Her teacher sounds nice, well from the short chat I had with her anyway. She has just started there too so is a newbie herself.

Wanna get some special photos of Anya in her new uniform before her big day. And hopefully lots on her first day that I can share with you. We (including Nana Peacock) are all gonna take her to school her very first day, so it could be just a little chaotic!

Okay I am so over this whole winter thing! This winter would have to be the worst one we have had in a very long time! And I have simply had enough! Bring back some sunshine and warmth. The forecast for here today is for a high of 7 and snow! Thankfully no snow yet!!!! but it is grey and blech and so dang wet outside its not funny. All this rain has meant we haven't been able to mow the lawn in I don't know how long now! Thankfully its not growing too much cause I sure don't feel like fighting my way through long grass just to get to the gate!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Round four

Okay so this was really easy in my head, I knew right from the minute what I wanted to do, and how I wanted it to come out. That was the easy bit, making it come together was the hard bit! I didn’t manage to get it just as I had it in my head, not even close. I’m kinda okay with that, but this is one that I could get really obsessive over and right now I so don’t need that. So this is my entry for week 4.

Title reads;
Why choose a diamond when you could have an amethyst?

Journalling reads;
So diamonds may be some girls best friends but for me on their own they don't quite make the grade. To this day I am positive that my darling hubby still doesn't quite understand that one. I know he looked more than a little puzzled when he asked what kind of ring I wanted for my engagement ring and I announced "an amethyst one please!"And I won't mention the tantrum I threw in the jewellery store the week out from our wedding when I found the jewellers had created my wedding band with only diamonds in it! Needless to say they fixed that boo-boo in close to record time. I'm sure there are plenty of people would would say I am mad not going for diamonds butquite frankly I prefer my Amethysts.

Supplies used;
? – Alpha Grunge Stamped – Peppermint Creative
diamond – Alpha White Vellum – Peppermint Creative
stitching – Spring Jelly Bean – Peppermint Creative
diamond stick pin – Jenn Starr
diamond (dot on i) - Melany Violette (at Simply Clean Digi Scraps)
corner swirly dots – Diane Miller (at Scrap Girls)
fonts – SBC Love Mom and Susie’s Hand

And a big thanks to Kate Hellyar for helping me get the photo of my rings.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the fairy sisters

Hee hee I just set up a wee mini photo shoot to get a photo for Anya's Birthday invitations. Took heaps and heaps of photos not all great, some actually quite ordinary but I like these ones for different reasons. Some cause they are just too cute for words and others because they really show my girls with their personalities shining brightly through!

Doesn't Anya just look so angelic? Butter wouldn't melt even .....

Well maybe it would, a cheeky fairy princess

Do you think she might have a promising career in dance or maybe modelling?

Okay so what mischief can I get up to when Mama isn't looking?

Part two

okay so it looked like blogger was not liking me adding so many photos to one post so here is part two with the rest of the photos I wanted to add today.

Miss Dannielle on the top of the hill that leads down to Lake Forsyth.

And Miss Anya slipping her way down the shingle bank!

So who do you think is having more fun? Dad or Daughter?

Promised update

Okay so I have been a slacker and not got to this earlier, go on you can beat me with a wet bus ticket if you like!

But finally as promised here is the re done girls room, Chris' new car which my Mum has so affectionately called "the Silver Bullet" maybe we will have to call this one Bob! And as an added bonus some photos taken on our tiki tour to Lake Forsyth on Saturday.

So what do you think of the colours? Beautiful aren't they? The girls had a hand in picking them so they are more than happy with them. Can you see that bit of creamy coloured material down on the bottom right hand side? Well that is actually a curtain and that is what is going to replace the green curtains, just got to line them with thermal lining now, the net curtain poking its way into view on the left hand side is new, got a really great bargain at Spotlight so made some new nets for the girls room and our room.

And there you have the fairy border paper close up, isn't it just too cute? I promise when I get all the pictures back up on the walls and have everything just right will take a photo of the completed room. Nana Pea sent the girls down a very special treat with Chris when he came back from picking up Bob (the silver bullet - see below) a beautiful pink fairy duvet cover each with beautiful co-ordinating flannelette (okay how do you spell that?) fairy sheets with the cutest little heart throw cushions to match.

Say hello to Bob, the Silver Bullet. Took the photo overlooking Lake Forsyth. Quite a little groover and yes that is Dannielle leaning out the back window and yes she is facing backwards but no the car was not moving, and very shortly after this the car was not moving again. It had got stuck in the loose shingle! After some pushing and shoving and moving of shingle to give her a clear run out she was back and roaring! Well at least till Chris stopped to let me grab some photos of a really cool little cottage down near Little River! The battery lead terminal decided to part company and after some bashing, some grumbling and muttering about the company that made the cable in the first place and some bodgying of the cable Chris got us going again. Thankfully he had a spare cable waiting at home so was able to fix it without it costing anything.

Yayyyyy I managed to convince Chris and the girls to sit still together long enough to get some photos even though poor Dannielle has the most horrendous cold and ear infection, her poor little top lip was red raw so I have tidied that up a bit so that if you want to you can print it out with out the glare of her very red top lip shining brightly out! Anya carted those sticks all afternoon, couldn't quite manage to catch a photo of all three of them without her looking like she was about to impale herself though!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Heres my entry for round three

So come on tell me someone please, what do you think?????

I loved this challenge, this one came so easily to me. My shape is squares, and the three examples are the journalling round the edge of the page, the square polaroid frame and the squared off label plate.

Journalling reads:(across the top)
She is Cheryl, she is mama, she is wife, she is daughter, she is cherpea, she is friend.

(then starting from upper left) is married, is a mama of two, is hooked on photography, tries to create something every day, is able to drive most anything, is as stubborn as a stubborn thing who is being really really stubborn, is talkative, is happy and content, is thrilled to live in a small community that cares, but most of all she loves and is loved back.

And there you have ten facts about me!

Stitching – Spring Jelly Bean kit - Miss Mint Peppermint Creative
Label plate – Essential Shapes v.1 Miss Mint Peppermint Creative (recoloured and squared off)Staple – To my Mother kit - Miss Mint Peppermint Creative
Photo corner – Essential Shapes v.1 Miss Mint Peppermint Creative (recoloured)
Chipboard Alpha – Megan Leeson (blog freebie)

Polaroid Frame – Sue Chastain downloaded from About
Doodle – Ida – Catscraps
Circle and date stamps - Jennifer Chadwell aka JennStar
Brad – The Basics Set – Digital Scrapbook Place
Font – Mead Bold

Whats happening here?

Well school holidays for a start! Though having said that the girls still have kindy since its a private kindy they go to. A trip into town this afternoon so the girls can go visit with a wee friend who moved into town recently, they are all missing each other something fierce!

I got back from the Toy Library Conference about 5 on Sunday evening after a long and hectic weekend. Learnt heaps but come home very tired!

Later this week we are going to Playdays for the morning since we are so cold and the grass outside is so wet, mothers group decided to arrive enmasse at playdays so our kids could tear around like wild things that have been trapped inside too long!

Hopefully next week I will be taking the girls to their first ever movie theatre. Hoping to get in to see Cars, mmmm maybe I should ring and book for that!

Redecoration well its all done for a while, still have rooms to do but we are so sick of upheaval and just plain tired from all the hard work we are leaving the rest for a bit. Will add photos of the girls re done room soon. But right now I have to go get the girls some breakfast and kick start this day.