Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So now its pouring with rain!

Enough already with the crazy weather! We had the most glorious day yesterday and tody well its been down right changeable and now its raining so dang hard.

Started late this afternoon. We went into the final school assembly (Mum P, Chris, Dannielle and I) in the dry and when we came out it was bucketing down! And chilly! NOT nice, whomever is in charge of the weather please note that more than a few New Zealanders would like some summer weather now please! Mind you if it keeps up like this for a few days we might actually get some decent weather Christmas day.

The assembly went okay but it was more than a bit too long, the poor littlies were getting a bit restless and having trouble focusing on what they were meant to be. An hour and a half had more than a few of the adults squirming in their seats too.

Part of todays assembly was to farewell the teachers that were leaving the school, the magical Miss Tucker included. Oh heavens I wish there was a way that we could keep her here, but maybe in the future we will see her again, hopefully in a teaching role!

I can't remember if I told you that I asked if it was possible to take some photos of Anya and Miss Tucker, well other parents found out about it and asked if I would take a class photo and individuals of their children as well. Well I did, and I was rather happy with them, well I also got one of Miss Tucker as well. (see below)


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