Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just finished a page and decided to share...

you can find the credits here

Photos taken quickly last night before the girlie went to bed, woke up to find a nice letter from the tooth fairy, who ever so generously let her keep this tooth. It is her first after all and left her a couple of bucks too!

Guess what she took for news this morning?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a day to remember

well at least little bits of it anyway!

One of those said little bits is sitting next to the big girlies bed in a tooth fairy box waiting for a visit from said tooth fairy. Even a lovely note has been written explaining this is my first lost tooth, poor kiddo really doesn't want to see it go since its her first one and all!

And boy has it taken its time falling out! I took some photos five whole days ago when I thought it was inevitable that it would fall out that day! Huh not likely that tooth was out to prove me wrong!

So wanna see our girlie in all her new found gappy glory?

so I guess this means our first born is growing up!

Monday, February 04, 2008

A must do since its the ...

first day back at school for the kiddos for the year!

Anya has been up and ready and waiting to go since 7! And yes she was completely dressed, brushed, shoed, lunch boxed and even had a few photos taken, then came the "Can we go yet? Can we? Can we?"

Okay so obviously she doesn't take much after her Mama in that respect! Mornings are not my ideal time so when I hear the "can we? can we huh?" repeated over and over and over well lets say I was not a happy camper!

Dannielle on the other hand does take after her Mama and had to be removed unwillingly from her bed at a quarter to 8! Food (well at least a bit anyway) had, uniform on, hair well kinda brushed till I got at it with the hairbrush again and then some photos.

So wanna see my girlies on the first day back at school? kay so they are being little goof balls but hey thats my girlies for ya!
Oh and you know how I mentioned about wanting/needing to get a shot for camera club later tonight and how I said the weather would probably poopie on it! Well next time I say something that daft I need my head read! YEP the weather has poopied on my idea, so that one will have to wait till next month me thinks!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Okay this looks like its gonna ...

be a challenge! I have just heard what this years year long challenge is for camera club!

Mmm definitely a challenge, though hopefully it will provide for some rather interesting photos.
The topic of the year is "down", you get to portray that as you wish!
The catch for February is that the meeting is tommorrow night!!!!!!!!!!! Yep thats right you heard right, tommorrow so that in itself is going to prove a challenge!!!!!!!!!!

But actually since I have been sitting here whining about it I have actually come up with a rather brilliant if I do say so myself idea for the first comp... now the challenge is to pull it off!
Capture the image, which I would bet nature will put a poopie on and get that baby printed off and mounted in time for tommorrow night!

So who thinks I can pull that little feat off?

Will try and get back tommorrow with some more page shares but till then I get to go cover a mountain of school books with Pooh Bear Duraseal! Wish me LUCK cause I am gonna need it!

Okay so I haven't yet ...

taken some new me photos! Looks like that may be today or Monday after I get the kiddos off to school for the first time this year!

Which by the way is something that we are all looking forward to! Anya especially is keen to get back to school and be learning new things, playing with friends and making lots of new ones!
D, well she would be quite happy staying at home! Though I know when she does actually get there she will love it and wanna keep going back for more. And she can for the first two days at least, then they both have the day off for Waitangi Day and then its back into it till Easter.
This first term, this year is a bit broken up with all these days off in the middle of it! Mind that could turn out to be a huge bonus in the not too distant future.

We are having a lunch time visit today from my Aunty and Uncle who are down visiting their son Craig here at the moment, can't wait haven't seen them in what seems like forever! Will be good to catch up with them all again.

I haven't been able to share some of the pages I have been working on lately till just now! See they were pretty much all using new goodies from the wonderfully talented Miss Megan and Miss Sharon...

But since its now Feb, and the grab bags are out, which by the way you really do need to go and grab quickly if you are a digi scrapper! STUNNING is a very good descriptor for them both, so very much worth it, trust me you will kick yourself later if you don't go grab them!

I will even give you a linkie to them in the shoppe ... Grab them right here!!!! Don't miss out!

Credits here

Mum and Dad recently spent 19 days here with us as you know, next visit will hopefully be soon and hopefully be a little longer too! But while they were here I took the opportunity to grab some photos... okay there are still more than a few I am still working on!
But who knew this not working a paid full time job and doing house type stuff would leave you so little time to get things done! Heck its not like I am one of those ladies who lunch or anything!

Anyway I digress, I do have a couple of shares for you today! Love the above page cause it shows 3 generations of us! Gotta love that! Would have been brilliant to get my Nana in there as well, but to do that would have meant a trip to Whangarei...

Credits here
and one of my big girlie, there is actually a big smile brewing on her face there ... And don't you just love that white paper? I know I do, THANK YOU so much Miss Megan!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Feb 1, 2008 has turned out to be

a rather special day for my good friend Carol and her DH Chris, and daughter Chrisma.

Today they got to very unexpectedly, officially welcome the newest addition to their little family.

You know how it is when something totally unexpected happens, something good for a family who more than deserve something good to happen for them, you share their joy, their overwhelming happiness.

Well that was pretty much me today! I was so happy for them, and after spending an afternoon with them just yesterday and quietly going through photos, and chatting, enjoying watching the kids splash about in the pool, and just generally have a good time together. Well one of the photos I saw yesterday you are about to see know, okay slightly altered but still as precious as ever.

Darling Sudie you may not understand what all the fuss is about right at the moment, but know that there are so many people who are joining with your darling Mama and Daddy and big sis in celebrating you officially becoming part of the family. Girl you are so blessed to have the family you do, enjoy them, appreciate them and most of all just know you are loved and love them right back in return!