Sunday, May 18, 2008

So I have been having a bit of fun with ...

words lately, not always remembering them exactly when I need them is a real pain in the patootie!

So to make light and to get a really good laugh at myself I have come up with a few pages, they will be firmly tucked into my book about me! Heck my girlies are gonna know about their mama warts and all!

So here you go, enjoy the giggle too... oh and don't feel shy about leaving a comment or two, or if you are the shy retiring type you can always email me, look over to the right for a link! Yes, I am a social creature and I love getting mail which ever way it arrives!

So I created this one quite by accident, totally not my normal style and what happens I gets shown off on the Gallery Standouts blog , you can go check it out at the following link:

Credits for Brain Fart here

Credits for this page here...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh I am such a bad blogger

I do honestly keep meaning to get back here more than once or twice a month, at the moment though it just doesn't seem to be happening does it? I will try harder!

Though I have been rather on the busy side, helping out in the D girls PMP (perceptual motor skills programme) class which is meant to improve the newbie kiddos motor skills!

And then one morning a week I go and help out in A's class. Its good fun, though by the time I get home at 1pm I only have a couple of hours before I have to go back to pick them up.

I have been busy with my digi scrap CT's, scrapping like mad. I will show you a few a bit later on so keep reading...

and I have been playing with beads! Oh they are so much fun! I am downloading a couple of photos of some of the things I have been making... have even sold a few bits! So the answer is if you want a hand made original beaded piece, ask I will see what I can do.

And yes I will create pieces for adults and children, see the pink one that is a childs one. And don't worry they won't cost an arm and a leg either! And yes I will post overseas.

this blue one is sold already

this green one is for sale

Not for sale though please ask if you want something similar.

The photos are not totally fantastic, will have to re-photograph them in the am, the light and time just ran away on me today!

And now for some scrappy goodness...........

Here's one of the D girl at her very first school assembly back in Oct last year... she just looks way to tiny to be at school.
Credits for Days of Wonder found here

One one for and of my Mum, I snuck this piccie when they were down visiting with us early this year. I have to admit to totally loving this shot!

Credits for "Mum" found here

D is definitely a little fishie, she just adores being in the water! And this is always how you see her, never still and always smiling!
Little Fish Credits found here

And my big girl, with stunningly gorgeous natural light falling so beautifully on her face, a five minute shoot in front of the bathroom window one morning before school! Gotta love it!
Credits for "with all my heart" found right here

so if you have made it this far I commend you, I will try and do better and not be such a stranger.