Thursday, July 11, 2013

MagnaPad by MagnaPix product review

If your house is anything like mine your fridge sooner or later ends up covered in magnets from all over the place… usually advertising something or another that you don’t need or particularly want and usually not that great to look at.  They do have one use though… holding those little reminders to do this or pick up that or don’t forget…

Well MagnaPix have a solution and since you can personalise it with either a photo or if you are like me and a bit of a digital scrapper then your imagination is your only limit.  No more uglies for my fridge not at all.  Now it shall be covered in pretties from MagnaPix.

One of the things I appreciated was the dimensions to create the MagnaPad were able to be found on the MagnaPix website (under the AboutMagnaPix tab).  So after cranking up Photoshop and opening up {creashens} For Like Ever kit I got to playing created the following design.

One thing you will need to make sure of is that you keep a space clear at the bottom of the design so that the cut out for the pad to slip through won’t cut through anything important.

 So once you have your design created, or have found the photo you want to use and edited said image if desired.  Now it’s onto uploading and ordering your product.  And the folks at MagnaPix couldn’t have made this any easier.

On the main home page there are scrolling product images with an Order Now button. Clicking on this will take you to an options screen.  Make your choice here before
being directed to the upload page.

One thing to keep in mind though the photo or design you have created has to be under 5Mb in size… and will only accept .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png & .bmp files.

So you have got your image uploaded and have added your personalised message, which I found to be the hardest part of the whole project… its time to order. 

Once again MagnaPix have made it incredibly easy just click the order now button go through and add your address details and if you have a discount or voucher code add it now.

(Pricing shows current special pricing)

So I ordered this MagnaPad on the 1st of July and received it today (9th July) which I reckon is a petty good turn around including processing and delivery time. 

And the resulting magnet and pad more than lived up to my expectations.  The colours are crisp and bright and true to what I had seen on my screen.

There is only one suggestion I would make to MagnaPix… (and have made it) is to stop the pad slipping up in delivery and putting a slight bend in the magnet and to protect it during shipping is to insert a stiff piece of card or perhaps create a sleeve similar to the one the fridge magnets arrive in to protect the edges and to stop the bending.

Really happy seeing the finished product hanging on my fridge… looking much better than the old uglies that used to be stuck there!

Disclaimer: Yes I was given the product for free to test and write this review.  In no way has this influenced what I have written.

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