Friday, December 22, 2006

There's a ruddy mouse about to ...

cop it seriously if it doesn't hurry up and find the dang mouse trap we have had to set in our pantry!

One of the joys of living in the country is dealing with mice! Usually we don't have to worry about the little buggers at this time of year though since its normally nice and hot!

But this year with temps being compared to that in Amsterdam, we had a high here today of just 12 degrees with a wind chill taking it down to 3 degrees! I swear I have had enough of it! Bring on the heat, bring it on! Then, not only would we not have to drag out all the winter woolies again, but we wouldn't have to worry about mice inside! The little buggers would all be outside breeding madly and waiting patiently to invade our houses come autumn.

Finally though we are all getting to chill out (okay maybe the wrong words here) and relax, sleep in some, well as much as you can with two younger children anyway. Not rush to get places, do things, you know all the usual stuff that we have to deal with on a day to day basis. Now if only the weather would come to the party we would all be happier! Mind you having said that Nana's house is looking awfully inviting to the girls, not only does she have huge amounts of art supplies to play with, lots of goodies to eat and drink, its warm (okay so is our house when the heat pump is on!), and since it is Nana's house Nana obviously is there, but the topper is that she has Sky TV which means the Disney Channel. Now what more could two little girls want?

For some reason though Anya's pet spider hasn't yet paid a visit. Now before you all go thinking I have gone soft in the head, after all anyone that knows me well knows I HATE spiders and would happily see them flattened, rest assured this little bugger is only one of those little harmless hoppy spiders we get here. Hey I wonder if they eat mice?! There could be the answer to my mouse problem, set the pet spider on the miserable little rodent!

I have a photo shoot tomorrow and could use some good weather wishes sent flying this way, so if anyone at all has some halfway decent weather how bout wafting some of it my way please?


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