Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Okay so finally managed to ge that dang scanner bed clean after about ten tries! Well mostly clean will have to ckeck it properly with some white paper yet.

So there you go, the 2006 Santa photo, nothing terribly spectacular considering she had a captive audience to work with! And a professional Nikon complete with appropriate lighting! I am struggling with all the extra either side of Santa and the girls, isn't the whole idea to get a shot of Santa and the kids? Not all the extra stuff on either side? Oh well next year I will be making use of the lights and the opportunity to take my own camera in!

Okay so we got a bit waylaid here again, which I guess is fairly normal for this time of year. Anya's teacher, Miss Tucker is leaving the school and heading onward on her world tour with her partner. They are off to Africa and India next after touring round NZ for a bit longer, before heading home again to England. I really hope they have a great time but I so wish she wasn't leaving, as do alot of parents.

She has been the most amazing teacher, and Anya along with the rest of her class mates simply adore Miss Tucker. So anyway yesterday at lunch time we had a farewell for her. A complete surprise to her! Okay more than a little skullduggery going on, but we simply couldn't let her get away without telling her how much she means to us and our children. So all bringing a plate of goodies, and donating to a basket of goodies for her and her partner to have some extra special treats at Christmas time. A great time was had.

Mum Pea as you may remember was moving down here, just round the road from us infact. Well her furniture arrived late in the afternoon last Friday and now after a whirlwind series of unpacking sessions she has only a few boxes left to unpack. I have to say her house is looking especially nice now with all her furniture in. And the girls are just loving having Nana so close by. Her house is just up the street from Anya's school, and it seems like we have popped in for a quick visit each day after school.

Monday afternoon she got to come to the Christmas Party at kindy. Dannielle hardly left her side, except to drag her somewhere else to show something else to her. And today we are off to Anya's final assembly for the year. So will leave the van at Nana's and walk down. Its much closer and easier to park there and walk down than try and find a parking spot when all the parents with children at the school are doing the same.

And speaking of school Anya got the most amazing report. Four months at school and she has simply taken off. She is working at a level comparable to children who have been there much longer than her! She knows who her teacher is going to be next year also, though I found out yesterday that most of the little girls she is friendly with will be in the other class. But Anya being Anya she will come home with even more bestest friends, and still enjoy playtime and lunchtime with her girlfriends from the other class.

Chris finishes up work tommorrow, and is sooooo looking forward to it! Today he moves his office up to the front office, since when he goes back next year it will be in his new role on the improvement team.

We are hoping to get the kitchen painted this holidays, gonna take a lot of work but it will be so worth it. It is the last room (with the exception of my office and the laundry, which we weren't planning on doing) left to repaint or paper. We did the others during the year and I have got the roman blind made and up in the kitchen. So hopefully we will have some photos to be showing you of our new and improved kitchen soon.


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