Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Did you know ...

that sometimes your eyes can actually improve with age?

Well not in the oh my look I can see everything clearly now without wearing glasses, but more like in the sense that okay I knew I had astigmatism and with the changing shape in my eyes that in some rather wickedly funny sense of the ironic that my short sightedness is on the wane!

The optometrist even said that one day, probably when I am 100 not out! that I won't need glasses to read with! Mind I might need an arm extension to get the ruddy book far enough away from me to see it!

New glasses for me in the mean time, I can postpone that arm extension for a little longer. Hopefully within a week I will have them. Dang things need to be specially ground since even though my vision has improved it is still out there beyond the so called "normal" range of lenses!

Anyway time for a quick share here, glasses are not the only thing I have been working on lately...

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Mind you some new glasses are most certainly going to mean I have to get some updated shots! And since I have a new fandangled remote shutter release doofer I can do it no worries at all! Gotta love that! Oh and I might even take it outside too since I just got my new circular polarising filter the other day.

It would appear that ...

leaving your husband home for a couple of hours while you attend a meeting is not always a good thing to do!

I had a meeting last night, heck I was only gone for a couple of hours for goodness sakes! But this morning when I heard a light switch flip on in the girls room I leapt up to turn it off again so big girl wouldn't wake up little girl! Well imagine my shock to find only one girl and one bed in the room!

Yep last night my darling husband decided that the girls not going to sleep early was not a good thing so he, with their help apparently changed the rooms around! He said they went to sleep straight away after that! Perhaps because they were completely buggered maybe?

Anyway it looks like I have inherited a job now. Sorting out the rest of the things to make their rooms right! And to at least have their own clothes in their own rooms...

Okay so I have a couple of pages to share with you, the first is my little princess D. Grandad Bus snapped this photo of her sitting on the side of the pool trying to get warm in her princess towel, I swear this thing is just so cute! its even got a little wee froggie on the bottom corner, if you look hard you will see it in the photo! It was that little froggie that inspired this page.
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And here's one using a photo I took Christmas Day, very definitely shows off their personalities. Miss D sure has the sass about her, mind Miss A isn't a slouch in that department either!
She is learning however to pick her moments!

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And last but by no means least ... My Mum


Actually just thinking about what started off this post ... I have a couple of meetings to go to the next couple of Mondays too perhaps I could get my darling husband to clean out - rearrange my studio! It surely could use it! But no that might be pushing it and ... ooooh no cancel that idea! I think perhaps that is something I just need to do myself!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh boy is time roaring on by...

I can't believe here we are already at the 15th of January!

AmandaC you asked how the visit with my mum and dad was going here's your answer.

We have had my Mum and Dad down visiting with us since the first and now it's getting to the end of their stay! We have all had such a great time, the girls have loved having Nana and Grandad's almost constant attention, and then when you add Nana Pea into the mix well they are simply in little piggie heaven.

Last week they had swimming lessons in Ashburton each morning, Nana and Grandad came down several times with us, and Nana Pea joined us one day so we all had a picnic in the domain, tossed a few ducks at some bread, walked around the park enjoying the sunshine, took some photos, even though two of the subjects were less than willing to be caught in front of the camera. And NO I do not mean my two little camera hogs! Okay so they may have been reluctant models but I got some good shots of them anyway!

Dad helped Chris out with re-gibbing our lounge wall and the necessary plastering and sanding also, and then painted it and the ceiling for us! I know we wouldn't have got quite as far as we have with out his and Mum's help! And yes we made very sure that they know how much we appreciate all their help with this mammoth task.
The difference in space is incredible! It's going to make life so much better having the extra space in the lounge that before was taken up by a big old open fire that we no longer used anyway. Well not since we had a heat pump installed!

So there is a bit of a story behind how they have both been down so often and are still yet to go punting on the Avon river. A must do touristy thing if you are ever visiting Christchurch. Well I got all organised yesterday and booked a time for them this afternoon to finally go punting.

Alas the gods were against us yet again. We left in plenty of time but hadn't planned on the possibility of the van deciding that today was as good a time as any to give up the ghost! We got to Springston before coming to a sudden and very unexpected halt! Had been tootling along quite nicely thank you very much when all of a sudden I lost power completely! Going from doing 100kms an hour to sitting on the roadside in a van that refused point blank to start was not a fun experience, and drat it all it did have to happen on a open road speed limit straightaway now didn't it?!?!?! Quick call to Chris to beg for help and him and Dad working on the dratted thing for about 5 hours fixing one of the problems only to find out that it still won't start because of one of two possible other faults, that the diagnostic manual says to simply replace to fix the fault, both alas are NOT cheap! And you have a fifty/fifty chance of picking the one that doesn't have a problem to replace only to find that its the other you need to replace anyway.

So we are going to try again in the next day or so to get them back into town to go punting, though this time they may just have to drive themselves in with a few directions and a map to guide them! Sadly that will mean I don't get the chance to take some photos of them, but sometimes these things just can't be helped!

OMG I can't believe how wordy this post has gotten! Okay so I have to go through some photos yet and resize them for here, like you all really want to have uber large photo images from my blog slowing your net hopping time down!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Yep its me again...

what a hectic week we have had! Swimming lessons for the girlies in Ashburton each morning at 9.15am! They swim for an hour while I and other family members also joining us observed their progress and just to make it fun its about an hours drive from here to get there! Can you imagine how tired we are now, and how many kms we have put in this week!

But I have managed to get some scrapping time in during the last little bit, not as much as usual sadly but still some which has to be better than none at all!

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Love the new sparkles Sharon has put out, not seen them head on over to http://www.twolittlepixels.com/ and check them out! Bargains to be had there till the 15th when the sale ends.

And now for a very tongue in cheek page about me! Those who know me well know that cleaning is a dirty word for me, okay so I do it because I have to, to keep the house from looking more like a tip than a house but it doesn't mean I have to like it!

Well lately I have had this total cleaning binge and its starting to get on my nerves! Well the few I have left that aren't frayed and tattered!

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And now I am off to watch a movie and in all likelihood fall asleep halfway through it! But hey thats okay... Till next time ttfn

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A very Happy New Year to you

Well at least it is here! And fairly early in the am too! House is nice and quiet, the others are still snoozing. What am I doing awake early then? Trying to get a head start on the day, that is full to overflowing already. Full in a good way though!

My Mum and Dad arrive later today to stay with us for a few weeks! So looking forward to that I tell you! Its been a while since they visited us here last. We have been north quite a few times in the last few years what with one thing and another so now its their turn to hop a plane and pay a visit.

Its gonna be a good busy time with guests actually, I heard from some friends from England that they are actually out here in NZ visiting their daughter in Auckland and will be popping down the country to see us! Wooohooo, it will be the first time they have met Chris and the girls so I am excited for that to happen.

Now I also got some brand new goodies from Sharon (the very talented Sharon Kenealy) and Megan (Miss Vintage Charm herself) very recently and simply had to take them out and play with them.
Here's one of the resulting pages!

Now don't go misunderstanding me with this page! Most of the time I actually enjoy SOME of Chris' music but lately he has been overdoing it with Bob Dylan! And to put it politely it is getting on my last unfrayed nerve!

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and this one of the D girl. Hasn't she just blossomed?!?!?! Model in the making perhaps? Since everytime I get the camera out she goes into pose mode! Mind she does it so very well! Mind she doesn't mind getting her sweet little hands on the camera either so perhaps a photographer?

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And check this out! Sharon and Megan won't be having a sale every other week now! So go grab some of their goodies while they are a really really good price!