Thursday, October 25, 2007

Okay so I did try to come back and post

these last night but I couldn't attach the images, a little hiccup with blogger me thinks!

Oh well never mind I can now so lets get into it!

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Okay so this is going to get a few people wondering if we have completely lost our marbles. The girls have PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!

But before you go calling the men in white jackets, they are the best behaved puppies ever!
I have NEVER heard even one whimper from either of them, they don't eat much and they don't make messes so Chris and I love them!

I made some pages for the girls for their books. They love them!
Rose is Dannielles puppy and Tallulah is Anya's. And no we don't have a future with huge big dogs in our house! These babies will never get any bigger than they are at the moment, they are of the stuffed variety, though I do have to say very very realistic looking stuffed ones!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hey there

okay so I have been a really slack blogger lately, Sept always seems to be a mad panic rush for me! And this one certainly wasn't any different! If anything it was even more hectic especially with the D girl starting school in October, that whole rush to sort out uniforms etc. Heck I only just got her properly enrolled in school yesterday and she has been there a whole week!

And of course I have been creating wonderful (well I think they are wonderful anyways!) pages for my two fantastic designers that I work with, and have another wee project up my sleeve, well actually since I have no sleeves at the moment it would be just a little difficult to keep it there, but I will have to keep that quiet for just a little longer!

I have to scoot now and pick up the girlies from school but when I get back will add some recent pages here for your viewing pleasure!

Monday, October 15, 2007

1825 Days old

translates into exactly five years old! And thats what our little girl is today. A big girl now, about to start school tomorrow morning.

She is so excited, she just can't wait for the morning to come. Thankfully we were able to get her to sleep at a reasonably decent time so that she could actually get a good nights rest. Knowing Miss Sleepyhead I will have to wake her up ever so gently in the morning.

She's a bit like her Mama in that respect, okay once she is awake but heaven help the person who wakes her up before she is ready to! NOT a pretty sight and most certainly a force to be reckoned with!

She let me take a few photos today, well me and our darling next door neighbour who by now is used to some rather strange requests from me. Thank goodness she was home she popped on over and got some fantastic shots of the D girl and me. Will share some of those with you later but for now have this to share with you.

In honour of our girlies birthday I give you...

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