Monday, March 31, 2008

It's been a while...

I know, but what can I say life gets in the way at times and life sure seems to have gotten well and truly in the way lately!

That and having Easter in March! What is with that? Uhh and you know the sinus infection I mentioned in the last post well the miserable news is I still have it, mostly got rid of it after two rounds of antibiotics and got it back with a vengence Good Friday! It made the trip to Reefton a short one for me though since I slept through most of it! Thankfully this time its not a mind numbing experience like last time!

Finished my next assignment for the magazine just before Easter too, though you will have to wait till May to see it. If you have a pile of travel photos to scrap you might want to check out this issue...

And I have a couple of other bits of good news, well I think they are awesome anyway! You tell me if you agree...

first up I applied for and was asked to join Tara Dunstans CT, Tara sells over at so go check her out! Her designs are awesome! Very easy to play with ... uh hold on that should be work shouldn't it! Shhhhh don't tell Tara and I don't work!

and secondly I got asked by the gorgeous MiYon of Scarlet Heels Media to join her team as a guest for the month of April! Tee hee the fact that half of March is also included in April is just a huge bonus! If you haven't checked out her gorgeous alphas and the like go check them out now! you can find her over at

I had to add a few pages here too, hey they use some of my awesome designers products, gotta show them off now don't I?
That and the fact that I really wanna show off my girlies too! See how big they are getting now!

Got to take some photos and make a page or two of the girlies Easter gift from Aunty Sonia and Uncle Tony too! They got them a beautiful dancer dolly each, the girls just love them! Those two are nutty about dancing, prance around every single chance they get!

Credits here

Credits here

Credits here

Oooh did you spot those stunningly gorgeous flowers in the first page? Well my uber talented boss lady Miss ksharonkdesigns herself photographed them and then worked her special kind of magic on them just so we can play with them and create stunning works of art. Who wouldn't want them????? If you haven't got them already go nab them here at and while you are there check out her new paper packs too! VERY FUNCKYLICIOUS!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

okay it's official...

Sinus infections suck seriously!

How do I know this? Well for the past 10 days I have been seriously in the grip of one! Only now am I starting to feel even somewhat human, and then its only for short periods of time, the rest well its just pure misery! I even had to go back to the Dr to get some more meds so I have another 7 days worth of meds to get through then hopefully I will be more like my usual sassy self!

Add to this the fact that I have a deadline on the 20th for the magazine, that kinda makes looking at a computer screen rather interesting. Who remembers the song "I wear my sunglasses at night!" yeah well try most of the time during the day, including any time spent at my computer. With only short breaks without them to check colours etc.

Camera Club was Monday night though so I had to get semi motivated for that! And boy was it worth it! First month out got some really good advice and an acceptance award. Very inspiring.
Our topic of the year this year is an interesting one, "down" which trust me can be taken lots of different ways, seeing some of the different images on Monday night with other photographers ideas for down was very interesting. I have five images in to be judged for this next month, I really do need to pull finger out and actually make it the max six entries per month.

Chris is home this week for a short break before starting his new job, well new temporary job that is. He is still on the hunt for a permanent full time job, so if anyone knows of something for a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Production Engineer in the Canterbury region please holler!

Pages? I have a couple in the works for the magazine, that obviously I can't share just yet. And a couple of new ones up for public viewing at ScrapArtist. Will need to come back here and add them in later though. Now I have some washing to hang out and hopefully get dry on this rather grey and dreary Canterbury day. Not too bad considering that its now officially autumn though!