Monday, December 18, 2006

What on earth is up with the weather?

Okay so when is it going to be summer? This morning it's definitely on the chillier side though it looks like we are in for a glorious day, but what is so wierd is that we are normally doing things like watering our lawn and garden to keep them alive by now! And so far that has not been needed. Sure there have been gloriously hot days, like last Tuesday when it was 28 degrees with 21% humidity! Then the following day have a high of 17 and 82% humidity! Sucky! Thats all I have to say! I would like summer to start sometime soon please.

Okay so those of you who currently are battling there way through snow, ice and other wintery delights will look at my rant and want to slap me some for complaining about the weather. But when we had such a long winter, and a lot harder than usual too! We were really kinda looking forward to a nice summer!

What's been happening here? Well I got asked to do the other new entrants class photos at our local school as well. I kinda guessed it was gonna happen, though this time it wasn't quite so bad! It certainly was a lot easier getting the class photo with the extra space the other teacher had. So anyway it appears the parents are more than happy with the results since they all pretty much ordered something.

I did a shoot with Sandy, Phil and her kids, I have to tell you teenagers are interesting to work with! Keep in mind I have pretty much only ever shot younger children so this was a bit of a learning curve for me! Not a bad one though!

I also took Santa knee photos at the Playcentre Christmas party. No not close ups of the jolly red mans knee but of each child on his knee or at least close by for those who were less than keen to climb up onto this strange persons knee. Which got me thinking, and that can be a strain at this time of year. That all during the year we teach our kids about stranger danger then at Christmas time we want them to climb up onto a strangers knee to get a photo taken! Okay there is an insight into how my brain can wear the heck out of me at times!

But speaking of Santa photos, I did take the girls into the closest mall to us for a Santa photo. The girls got themselves all dressed up in their fancy dresses, and party shoes, combed and brushed that which must be combed and brushed before leaving the house and we headed off to the mall to get a Santa photo. Not the one we normally go to and while the photo was not quite as "tah dah" as it could have been, the Santa had a real beard and was at least interested in what the kids had to say! And much to my annoyance I found out I could have taken my camera in and taken some photos myself! As long as I bought the "Santa photo" as well! Colour me annoyed. The mall we normally visit to get the Santa photos would flay you if you even suggested it!

Uhhhh now I have just tried twice to scan the said photo in and twice its come up with big black marks dotted over the photo! Uhhhh I thought I had got the paint splotches off the dang glass but it appears not, so how bout I try again later after cleaning the sucker again!
So you will all have to come back a bit later and check out my beautiful girls with Santa.

Right now though I have to go make some lunches for the girls, Dannielle is off to kindy and Anya to school. Anya has three days of school left the final assembly is on Wednesday. Dannielle will go to kindy Thursday morning and that is the end of the running round for a bit! Let the holidays begin!


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