Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Heres my entry for round three

So come on tell me someone please, what do you think?????

I loved this challenge, this one came so easily to me. My shape is squares, and the three examples are the journalling round the edge of the page, the square polaroid frame and the squared off label plate.

Journalling reads:(across the top)
She is Cheryl, she is mama, she is wife, she is daughter, she is cherpea, she is friend.

(then starting from upper left) is married, is a mama of two, is hooked on photography, tries to create something every day, is able to drive most anything, is as stubborn as a stubborn thing who is being really really stubborn, is talkative, is happy and content, is thrilled to live in a small community that cares, but most of all she loves and is loved back.

And there you have ten facts about me!

Stitching – Spring Jelly Bean kit - Miss Mint Peppermint Creative
Label plate – Essential Shapes v.1 Miss Mint Peppermint Creative (recoloured and squared off)Staple – To my Mother kit - Miss Mint Peppermint Creative
Photo corner – Essential Shapes v.1 Miss Mint Peppermint Creative (recoloured)
Chipboard Alpha – Megan Leeson (blog freebie)

Polaroid Frame – Sue Chastain downloaded from About
Doodle – Ida – Catscraps
Circle and date stamps - Jennifer Chadwell aka JennStar
Brad – The Basics Set – Digital Scrapbook Place
Font – Mead Bold

Whats happening here?

Well school holidays for a start! Though having said that the girls still have kindy since its a private kindy they go to. A trip into town this afternoon so the girls can go visit with a wee friend who moved into town recently, they are all missing each other something fierce!

I got back from the Toy Library Conference about 5 on Sunday evening after a long and hectic weekend. Learnt heaps but come home very tired!

Later this week we are going to Playdays for the morning since we are so cold and the grass outside is so wet, mothers group decided to arrive enmasse at playdays so our kids could tear around like wild things that have been trapped inside too long!

Hopefully next week I will be taking the girls to their first ever movie theatre. Hoping to get in to see Cars, mmmm maybe I should ring and book for that!

Redecoration well its all done for a while, still have rooms to do but we are so sick of upheaval and just plain tired from all the hard work we are leaving the rest for a bit. Will add photos of the girls re done room soon. But right now I have to go get the girls some breakfast and kick start this day.


Blogger Scrappy Cat said...

I love your layout SHE! I love the doodles behind your photo and I love the journaling about you around the edge. Very cool layout. Good luck on the contest!! I like your other entries too.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Geyla said...

Love the doodles too :o) and the green (is that your new colour? lol) it goes so good with the black. xx

11:22 AM  

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