Monday, July 24, 2006

The hits they just keep coming!

Okay so I finally said enough was enough and went and got some cough meds to control this dang cough of mine on Sunday. Chris and I went for lunch while the girls were at a birthday party. And thankfully for me it works!

Now if there were only some magical medicine you could get to stop a nearly 5 year old from tossing her cookies several times an hour! Anya has been up since midnight last night with what is probably a violent tummy bug. NOTHING at all we can do for her apart from keep her as comfy as possible! Managed to get a Drs appointment first thing this morning and he thinks all is okay other than the bug hitting her tum.

A friend took Dannielle to kindy for me, bless her little cotton socks! Made the world of a difference! Felt a real meany having to wake Anya up to go pick her up after lunch though! And thats when the next hit struck. The teachers at Kindy said to get Dannielle checked out that they think she has conjunctivitis!!!! Think INFECTIOUS!!!! not hard to deal with but infectious none the less. So we have our second appointment for the day at the Drs.

Anya's school visit has had to be put off, hopefully all going well she will be able to go in on Wed afternoon now. Oh for a trip somewhere warm and sunny!


Blogger Geyla said...

Oh dear Cheryl you've had a run haven't you! Hoping the girls & you are feeling better today? Big hugs xxoo

4:23 PM  

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