Thursday, July 27, 2006

A quick trip to .....

school. We had to postpone Anya's first school visit but yesterday afternoon she got to meet her very first teacher. Miss Tucker, a beautiful, sweet and friendly English girl. I guess girl is probably not the PC term to use, but she seems sooooo young! Or is it just me feeling suddenly really rather old?

Anya was a bit quiet first off, but very quickly joined in the fun. It was so cute to just sit back and watch her interact with everyone. She knows several of the children in her class, her little friend Sarah is in her class too so thats good news. Not that for one minute I think that she will have any trouble what so ever making new friends.

She joined in on the reading, and did a few puzzles, and did some writing, just short wee bursts of lots of different things. But she really seemed to enjoy herself and is looking forward to going back again for another visit next Wednesday morning. And that in itself is good for us parents to know. Then on the 9th she will be off to school for her first day of school.

I am gonna be a busy girl this coming Saturday, I am helping out with the Photography fundraiser for the Toy Library. Will be helping my friend Chris Hellyar take portraits for families booked in. Should be interesting, though very busy!


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