Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Promised update

Okay so I have been a slacker and not got to this earlier, go on you can beat me with a wet bus ticket if you like!

But finally as promised here is the re done girls room, Chris' new car which my Mum has so affectionately called "the Silver Bullet" maybe we will have to call this one Bob! And as an added bonus some photos taken on our tiki tour to Lake Forsyth on Saturday.

So what do you think of the colours? Beautiful aren't they? The girls had a hand in picking them so they are more than happy with them. Can you see that bit of creamy coloured material down on the bottom right hand side? Well that is actually a curtain and that is what is going to replace the green curtains, just got to line them with thermal lining now, the net curtain poking its way into view on the left hand side is new, got a really great bargain at Spotlight so made some new nets for the girls room and our room.

And there you have the fairy border paper close up, isn't it just too cute? I promise when I get all the pictures back up on the walls and have everything just right will take a photo of the completed room. Nana Pea sent the girls down a very special treat with Chris when he came back from picking up Bob (the silver bullet - see below) a beautiful pink fairy duvet cover each with beautiful co-ordinating flannelette (okay how do you spell that?) fairy sheets with the cutest little heart throw cushions to match.

Say hello to Bob, the Silver Bullet. Took the photo overlooking Lake Forsyth. Quite a little groover and yes that is Dannielle leaning out the back window and yes she is facing backwards but no the car was not moving, and very shortly after this the car was not moving again. It had got stuck in the loose shingle! After some pushing and shoving and moving of shingle to give her a clear run out she was back and roaring! Well at least till Chris stopped to let me grab some photos of a really cool little cottage down near Little River! The battery lead terminal decided to part company and after some bashing, some grumbling and muttering about the company that made the cable in the first place and some bodgying of the cable Chris got us going again. Thankfully he had a spare cable waiting at home so was able to fix it without it costing anything.

Yayyyyy I managed to convince Chris and the girls to sit still together long enough to get some photos even though poor Dannielle has the most horrendous cold and ear infection, her poor little top lip was red raw so I have tidied that up a bit so that if you want to you can print it out with out the glare of her very red top lip shining brightly out! Anya carted those sticks all afternoon, couldn't quite manage to catch a photo of all three of them without her looking like she was about to impale herself though!


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Blogger Geyla said...

Love the girls room :o) Bet they can't wait to get in there now! Glad to hear you are going to have a Bob in your family too, every home should have one lol. xx

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