Thursday, July 13, 2006

Round four

Okay so this was really easy in my head, I knew right from the minute what I wanted to do, and how I wanted it to come out. That was the easy bit, making it come together was the hard bit! I didn’t manage to get it just as I had it in my head, not even close. I’m kinda okay with that, but this is one that I could get really obsessive over and right now I so don’t need that. So this is my entry for week 4.

Title reads;
Why choose a diamond when you could have an amethyst?

Journalling reads;
So diamonds may be some girls best friends but for me on their own they don't quite make the grade. To this day I am positive that my darling hubby still doesn't quite understand that one. I know he looked more than a little puzzled when he asked what kind of ring I wanted for my engagement ring and I announced "an amethyst one please!"And I won't mention the tantrum I threw in the jewellery store the week out from our wedding when I found the jewellers had created my wedding band with only diamonds in it! Needless to say they fixed that boo-boo in close to record time. I'm sure there are plenty of people would would say I am mad not going for diamonds butquite frankly I prefer my Amethysts.

Supplies used;
? – Alpha Grunge Stamped – Peppermint Creative
diamond – Alpha White Vellum – Peppermint Creative
stitching – Spring Jelly Bean – Peppermint Creative
diamond stick pin – Jenn Starr
diamond (dot on i) - Melany Violette (at Simply Clean Digi Scraps)
corner swirly dots – Diane Miller (at Scrap Girls)
fonts – SBC Love Mom and Susie’s Hand

And a big thanks to Kate Hellyar for helping me get the photo of my rings.


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