Friday, July 21, 2006

I've been sick

or was it a hippo that collided with me and didn't bother stopping to check to see what the damage was! Very rude of that hippo I tell ya! Still not 100%, it's all the coughing thats getting right on my wick now!

Well Anya's invites are out! You remember the photos I showed you the other day well we decided to go with the serene butter wouldn't melt in her mouth look! And Chris got Anya to write out the invite words and then scanned them in to add to the front of the card. I think he did a great job with them, he was a little concerned that I wouldn't have time enough to get to them and that they would be going out at the last minute!

Only a few more weeks now before Anya heads off to school for the first time. We got a call from her teacher the other day for her to come in for the first of her school visits. So next Tuesday afternoon (25th) Anya and I are off to school for the afternoon. Her teacher sounds nice, well from the short chat I had with her anyway. She has just started there too so is a newbie herself.

Wanna get some special photos of Anya in her new uniform before her big day. And hopefully lots on her first day that I can share with you. We (including Nana Peacock) are all gonna take her to school her very first day, so it could be just a little chaotic!

Okay I am so over this whole winter thing! This winter would have to be the worst one we have had in a very long time! And I have simply had enough! Bring back some sunshine and warmth. The forecast for here today is for a high of 7 and snow! Thankfully no snow yet!!!! but it is grey and blech and so dang wet outside its not funny. All this rain has meant we haven't been able to mow the lawn in I don't know how long now! Thankfully its not growing too much cause I sure don't feel like fighting my way through long grass just to get to the gate!


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