Monday, February 04, 2008

A must do since its the ...

first day back at school for the kiddos for the year!

Anya has been up and ready and waiting to go since 7! And yes she was completely dressed, brushed, shoed, lunch boxed and even had a few photos taken, then came the "Can we go yet? Can we? Can we?"

Okay so obviously she doesn't take much after her Mama in that respect! Mornings are not my ideal time so when I hear the "can we? can we huh?" repeated over and over and over well lets say I was not a happy camper!

Dannielle on the other hand does take after her Mama and had to be removed unwillingly from her bed at a quarter to 8! Food (well at least a bit anyway) had, uniform on, hair well kinda brushed till I got at it with the hairbrush again and then some photos.

So wanna see my girlies on the first day back at school? kay so they are being little goof balls but hey thats my girlies for ya!
Oh and you know how I mentioned about wanting/needing to get a shot for camera club later tonight and how I said the weather would probably poopie on it! Well next time I say something that daft I need my head read! YEP the weather has poopied on my idea, so that one will have to wait till next month me thinks!


Blogger Amandac said...

I'm with you Cheryl I am NOT a morning person - in fact mornings stink but when you have school aged kids what can you do but get up LOL. Your girls look adorable and very excited about school! I love the colour of the uniform!

7:11 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

They are looking very grownup now

9:17 AM  

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