Sunday, February 03, 2008

Okay this looks like its gonna ...

be a challenge! I have just heard what this years year long challenge is for camera club!

Mmm definitely a challenge, though hopefully it will provide for some rather interesting photos.
The topic of the year is "down", you get to portray that as you wish!
The catch for February is that the meeting is tommorrow night!!!!!!!!!!! Yep thats right you heard right, tommorrow so that in itself is going to prove a challenge!!!!!!!!!!

But actually since I have been sitting here whining about it I have actually come up with a rather brilliant if I do say so myself idea for the first comp... now the challenge is to pull it off!
Capture the image, which I would bet nature will put a poopie on and get that baby printed off and mounted in time for tommorrow night!

So who thinks I can pull that little feat off?

Will try and get back tommorrow with some more page shares but till then I get to go cover a mountain of school books with Pooh Bear Duraseal! Wish me LUCK cause I am gonna need it!


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