Friday, February 01, 2008

Feb 1, 2008 has turned out to be

a rather special day for my good friend Carol and her DH Chris, and daughter Chrisma.

Today they got to very unexpectedly, officially welcome the newest addition to their little family.

You know how it is when something totally unexpected happens, something good for a family who more than deserve something good to happen for them, you share their joy, their overwhelming happiness.

Well that was pretty much me today! I was so happy for them, and after spending an afternoon with them just yesterday and quietly going through photos, and chatting, enjoying watching the kids splash about in the pool, and just generally have a good time together. Well one of the photos I saw yesterday you are about to see know, okay slightly altered but still as precious as ever.

Darling Sudie you may not understand what all the fuss is about right at the moment, but know that there are so many people who are joining with your darling Mama and Daddy and big sis in celebrating you officially becoming part of the family. Girl you are so blessed to have the family you do, enjoy them, appreciate them and most of all just know you are loved and love them right back in return!


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