Friday, January 11, 2008

Yep its me again...

what a hectic week we have had! Swimming lessons for the girlies in Ashburton each morning at 9.15am! They swim for an hour while I and other family members also joining us observed their progress and just to make it fun its about an hours drive from here to get there! Can you imagine how tired we are now, and how many kms we have put in this week!

But I have managed to get some scrapping time in during the last little bit, not as much as usual sadly but still some which has to be better than none at all!

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Love the new sparkles Sharon has put out, not seen them head on over to and check them out! Bargains to be had there till the 15th when the sale ends.

And now for a very tongue in cheek page about me! Those who know me well know that cleaning is a dirty word for me, okay so I do it because I have to, to keep the house from looking more like a tip than a house but it doesn't mean I have to like it!

Well lately I have had this total cleaning binge and its starting to get on my nerves! Well the few I have left that aren't frayed and tattered!

Credits can be found right here!

And now I am off to watch a movie and in all likelihood fall asleep halfway through it! But hey thats okay... Till next time ttfn


Blogger Amandac said...

HI Cheryl, sounds like fun falling asleep in front of a movie! I had to buy those Sparkles of sharon's -yummmy! You didn't say how the visit from your parents was going?

12:52 AM  

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