Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Did you know ...

that sometimes your eyes can actually improve with age?

Well not in the oh my look I can see everything clearly now without wearing glasses, but more like in the sense that okay I knew I had astigmatism and with the changing shape in my eyes that in some rather wickedly funny sense of the ironic that my short sightedness is on the wane!

The optometrist even said that one day, probably when I am 100 not out! that I won't need glasses to read with! Mind I might need an arm extension to get the ruddy book far enough away from me to see it!

New glasses for me in the mean time, I can postpone that arm extension for a little longer. Hopefully within a week I will have them. Dang things need to be specially ground since even though my vision has improved it is still out there beyond the so called "normal" range of lenses!

Anyway time for a quick share here, glasses are not the only thing I have been working on lately...

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Mind you some new glasses are most certainly going to mean I have to get some updated shots! And since I have a new fandangled remote shutter release doofer I can do it no worries at all! Gotta love that! Oh and I might even take it outside too since I just got my new circular polarising filter the other day.


Blogger Jenny said...

ell done on your weight loss!

7:47 PM  
Blogger scrapgeek said...

Go you for the weight loss - and cool that your vision will be perfect by the time you are 100 LOL :)

8:54 PM  

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