Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It would appear that ...

leaving your husband home for a couple of hours while you attend a meeting is not always a good thing to do!

I had a meeting last night, heck I was only gone for a couple of hours for goodness sakes! But this morning when I heard a light switch flip on in the girls room I leapt up to turn it off again so big girl wouldn't wake up little girl! Well imagine my shock to find only one girl and one bed in the room!

Yep last night my darling husband decided that the girls not going to sleep early was not a good thing so he, with their help apparently changed the rooms around! He said they went to sleep straight away after that! Perhaps because they were completely buggered maybe?

Anyway it looks like I have inherited a job now. Sorting out the rest of the things to make their rooms right! And to at least have their own clothes in their own rooms...

Okay so I have a couple of pages to share with you, the first is my little princess D. Grandad Bus snapped this photo of her sitting on the side of the pool trying to get warm in her princess towel, I swear this thing is just so cute! its even got a little wee froggie on the bottom corner, if you look hard you will see it in the photo! It was that little froggie that inspired this page.
Credits can be found here

And here's one using a photo I took Christmas Day, very definitely shows off their personalities. Miss D sure has the sass about her, mind Miss A isn't a slouch in that department either!
She is learning however to pick her moments!

Credits here

And last but by no means least ... My Mum


Actually just thinking about what started off this post ... I have a couple of meetings to go to the next couple of Mondays too perhaps I could get my darling husband to clean out - rearrange my studio! It surely could use it! But no that might be pushing it and ... ooooh no cancel that idea! I think perhaps that is something I just need to do myself!


Blogger granny judy said...

GF!! You are amazing with the los and photos!! Just browsing around and popped in to see what's Up..?

Huggers, Judy in USA

11:42 PM  

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