Saturday, April 14, 2007

Paper – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Artsty Fartsy Vol 2)
Cardboard tear – Linda Gil Billdal @ ScrapArtist (Cardboard Flip and Tear)
Stitching – Kim Christensen @ ScrapArtist (Scribble Circles)
Alphas – Kate Hadfield @ the Lily Pad (Doodled Paper Alphas (blog freebie))
Font – Palace Script MT
Journalling reads
Where do you go to my lovely? When you’re alone in your head.You had wandered off somewhere even though you stood before me. I often wonder where you go off to quietly inside your head.
Okay so my youngest is the full on, try anything once daredevil in our family! Why else would a 4 year old climb nearly 6 feet in the air?
I have to admit that she did very well, and at least had the common sense to call out when she realised she was stuck! Thankfully I was close by and could hear her quiet little cry for help!
And no, I did NOT just leave her hanging there while I grabbed the camera, I got her big sister to hold her up for a couple of seconds while I grabbed these shots!
Background Paper – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Chocolate Covered Maraschino Cherries)Other Papers – Dianne Rigdon @ ScrapArtist (HippieChic)
Star – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Bitty Stars)
Doodle Flower - Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Painted Doodle Flowers)
Chaos finds me wordart & Staples - Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (A Beautiful Mess Kit)
Stitching - Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Ultimate Stitches Vol 1)
Sketch Template – Rachael Giallongo @ theDigiChick (Trendy collection with bonus elements)Corner lines – Katie Pertiet @ Designer Digitals (Web Freebie)
Fonts – 3 grammes 5 & Century Gothic
Journalling reads…
Would you climb to the top of the cupboards? Because you can? You were well and truly stuck!It’s okay though, Mummy saved you! After grabbing a couple of pictures!

Paper – Dianne Rigdon @ ScrapArtist (In the gloaming)
Alphas & Asterisks – Kate Hadfield @ the Lily Pad (Doodle Paper Alpha & Add-on (blog freebies))
Sketch Template – Rachael Giallongo @ the DigiChick (Lots to Say Vol 1)
Font – Century Gothic
Journalling reads
Well she used to be anyway!
Now she is more like health hazard brown! But you love her none the less! She is starting to seriously fall apart, but she is obviously well loved!
Her hands are so worn and grimy now its a wonder you haven’t caught some serious illness from her!
We let you choose a sister dolly for your 3rd birthday, in the hopes that pink wouldn’t get quite so much loving attention!
But it wasn’t till you turned four that sister dolly started geting some loving. Pink is still around but she is in hiding for a while.

My all time favourite colour!
Paper – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Be my Valentine paper pack (recoloured))
Silver swirls – Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist (Believe Element Pack)
Crumpled Swatch overlay – Kirsty Wiseman
Doodle Flowers – Dawn Moore
Flowers and Jewels – Melany Violette
Perfect – Katie Pertiet @ DesignerDigitals (2nd Hand Love)
Font – An Unfortunate Event Dewarped (purple)
Photograph – Chris Hellyar Photography


Blogger Suzanne said...

Cheryl! Your journaling! Health hazard brown... and taking photos while your dd is dangling! Glad to hear she's saved! LOL Great layouts, as always!

5:45 AM  
Blogger Paint Chip (aka Cindy) said...

It's been so long since I had a chance to hop on over here and see what you had happening in your world. It was fun to scroll through your blog today and giggle at your ramblins and aaw at your beautiful scrap LO's!

You're just the best! Have a great day my friend.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Loving your l/os, Cheryl!

10:58 PM  

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