Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hey there

okay so I have been a really slack blogger lately, Sept always seems to be a mad panic rush for me! And this one certainly wasn't any different! If anything it was even more hectic especially with the D girl starting school in October, that whole rush to sort out uniforms etc. Heck I only just got her properly enrolled in school yesterday and she has been there a whole week!

And of course I have been creating wonderful (well I think they are wonderful anyways!) pages for my two fantastic designers that I work with, and have another wee project up my sleeve, well actually since I have no sleeves at the moment it would be just a little difficult to keep it there, but I will have to keep that quiet for just a little longer!

I have to scoot now and pick up the girlies from school but when I get back will add some recent pages here for your viewing pleasure!


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