Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Waitangi Day

has dawned hot and bright! A beautifully sunny, clear day for the last day of the school holidays here!

It seems strange somewhat that school starts again on a Wednesday, but there is one plus side to this, with all this hot weather we are experiencing here now, summer has arrived at last, late but still better late than never!
But as I was saying the plus side is that the kids will have three days back and then have a wee break, and somehow I think they might be needing it. Some of the classrooms get rather hot and stuffy to say the least and after such a long holiday when they have been able to do pretty much as they please its gonna take some time for them to get back into it.

Oooh and I can share some pages with you now, I entered them in a competition running at ScrapArtist to win a Princess Purse. Well no luck with winning but I did manage to get some pages done, and they are 8 x 10 inches so with some jiggery and pokery I will be able to reduce them and pop them in frames, never too early so start thinking about presents for not only Christmas but birthdays as well!

And talking about pressies have you seen the T's I created for sale? NO? Well what are you waiting for scroll down to the next post and check them out!
Make brilliant pressies, my girls both love them! They got a couple each for Christmas and what with all the comments I have had about them I thought I would give a few a whirl to sell.



Everything by Lisa Whitney (A Beautiful Mess kit)



Supply list
Paper – Michelle Coleman (Chelseys Dream kit) (recontrasted)
Flowers, Stickpin & Beads – Michelle Coleman (Chelseys Dream kit)
Cardboard overlay edges – Linda Gil Billdal
Family wordart – Cheryl Peacock (using Texas Hero & Angelina fonts)

Oh brother, I have just had to load those last two for the third time and then some nutso cats went and had a huge cat fight right under my feet! NO not inside but under the house and of course the silly critters had to find the one spot that was sure to give me heart failure!

So what that means is that I am going to leave this here for now and come back later and load some more images.


Blogger scrapgeek said...

Happy Waitangi Day! They look great - I love the kit by Lisa Whitney such great colours :)

11:13 AM  

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