Monday, February 05, 2007

Have you ever wished

that you had got up and done the little job that though would be a pain at the time would in truth make life so much easier for you?

My little job last night would have been to get up and find Anya's dratted drink bottle that will have fallen between her bed and her drawers but that she couldn't find at some riduculous time of night! But that would have meant crawling out of bed and after being up three times the night before to help her back into her sleeping bag I was kinda over it!
So instead she ended up crawling in with me. I must be nuts! Why do I never remember that my kids are active sleepers? Tossing, doing half flips, starfishing and just to top it off snoring!

So getting all but pushed out of your own bed is not so much fun. There are bonuses I guess, at least I know I have the rubbish out now and aren't going to miss it being collected! I have the first load of washing in, will be doing the little girls kindy lunch soon and will have had a chance to have an uninterrupted shower before they get up if I am lucky!


Blogger Cori said...

You have my sympathies, been there, done that, lol!!

1:59 PM  

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