Saturday, February 03, 2007

What are we up to?

Well today it seems both girls needed a sleep in. Anya has just this minute wandered out (7.30 am) still looking rather asleep, and the D girl is still snoozing.

But we are off on an adventure today, we got a call from Jules yesterday and he wanted to know what we were all up to. See he and Ces are taking their little family away for the weekend to a high country station and wanted to know if we would like to join them. So the girls and I are off to join them for the night. Will have to take the camera and other assorted camera stuff with me and see if I can get some photos. Hey maybe I can even get some of their wee family.

Chris will be on yet another plane at the moment, this time heading to Milan from Singapore. He arrives in Barcelona at about 8.30 this evening and where will we be? Probably out of cellphone coverage thats what! And apparently there aren't phones other than at the main house. So we will have to wait till Sunday when we finally get home or come into cell coverage again, to find out how the flights were, what the weather is like etc etc.

What did I manage to get done last night? Well I finally finished my book! The Boleyn Inheritance, had read the Other Boleyn Girl prior to it and loved them both, and last night started another Phillipa Gregory book of which the name currently escapes me, the Virgin something.
I also finished up some stitching on a piece of needlework I am doing, have some cutting to do now and then and only then will I share it with you.

I got some plain white T-shirts in kiddie sizes (3,4,5,6NZ sizing) so that I can make them look absolutely fabulous darling and then put them up to sell on TradeMe. I made some for the girls for Christmas. A purple and a pink one each and have had some fantastic feedback from friends and perfect strangers so I thought why not see if I can make them to sell.
When I get an example made I will share it here and you can see what I am up to. Yeah I could probably show you one of the girls ones but that doesn't seem fair when I can't sell that one now can I? Oh and I will take orders too, these babies are all one offs, no two will be exactly the same! They might have similar colours etc but no two will be the same.

And thats it for me for a little bit. Will be back tommorrow hopefully with some fantastic photos to share.


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