Sunday, January 28, 2007

Some pages, and assorted other chatter

First up the page I created for Andrea Burns CT call, didn't get picked but I won anyway, got another page created! Everything except the Circle stitches (Christine Smith) and Staples (Sharon Kenealy) is Andrea Burns.

Next up both girlies with their hair call curly, well as curly as these two are going to get without perm!

I have had so much fun creating these. I took these photos of my daughters after curling their super straight hair round heated rollers, givng them just a hint of curly curls.

Who could not love working with Lisa's fantastic, beautiful mess. I layered her blossoms, adding shadows as I went, finally adding the brad and quote. And managed to add far more to these pages than I typically do, but boy did I have fun and yes I do rather like them!

Burnt Edge overlay - Michelle Coleman from Joshua's Day in the Sun kit
Everything else - Lisa Whitney - A Beautiful Mess kit

Next up is something I created for the Designer Digitals Guest CT call and then changed my mind about entering it. Fearing I guess it was way to over the toply simple!
Part of the rules where that everything, with the exception of fonts had to be from Designer Digitals, and this met that rule, so as you can guess everything is from Designer Digitals, some free, some not!

Entering it or not, I still came out the winner with another layout that I love!

Now we went off for some family time yesterday, and went to visit Godley Head. Don't ask me where my head was at cause I struggled up and down the hill and through the tunnel!
Struggled because I wasn't wearing decent shoes for the hike, thats what I mean by I don't know where my head was at. I mean we had talked about going to Godley Head but duh on me didn't think to put some boots on, and Chris didn't think to ask why I was wearing those shoes!The tunnel, oh my that was not something I ever intend to repeat! I was brave once but thats it for me! No more, never again!

If you like my sketches take a trip over to the Cherpea Designs blog and pick up some new ones, and while you are there check out the little competition I have running till the 9th. Its not hard trust me.


Blogger lauriewe said...

cheryl- it is wonderful to catch up with you - missed the chats we used have during the old sa days. Your daughters are beautiful. I'm heading over to snag some of your sketches.

2:15 PM  

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