Friday, January 19, 2007

Spain, Portugal and France

All countries that Chris will be visiting on a whirlwind factory tour for a couple of weeks in about ten days time now. A slightly unexpected trip, there had been talk of him going prior to this, but then he wasn't two of them have to travel for work and it looked for a while like the guy that took over Chris' old job was going to be the second traveller, now its not, now its Chris. He rang the cellphone yesterday while Mum P, the girls and I were in town and asked if I minded him going?

It's funny actually I have had several people comment "oh you must envy him, travelling to all those fun places!" Yes and no would be my answer there.
Okay yes it's cool that he gets to go to all these really neat places, but he's going with co-worker, not someone he loves, he's going to have extremely long days, no doubt the crappiest flights ever going the wrong way round the world and ending up with the longest night ever all in the name of supposedly saving the company some money on the airfares.
Which if they sat down and worked it out would be more expensive in the long run! Which gets me to another point, why would a large company put their travel plans through only one person in the company, why not let the people travelling decide which is best for them, most people will find the cheapest and the easiest on them way to travel. Okay obviously you give them a $ limit but wouldn't that be so much easier in the long run? For everyone!

Oh and I have to tell you I did survive yesterday, left here at about 10.30 to go round to pick up Mum P to go into town for a bit and help her do some errands in there. And when we got back the contractors weren't there! No noise and relatively little disturbance to the ground, well considering the size pipe they had to put through. Though they will be back today to finish off in front of our house and to cross over the main road. Then they go on further up the street bugging other neighbours instead of me.

Have some work to do now, and some photos to download, will I promise be back later with the layouts I promised you yesterday.


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