Saturday, January 27, 2007

Busy bees live here

Well it seems that way anyway. I found a nest of bumble bees the other day while loading more of the huge grass clipping pile into the green waste wheelie bin and that kinda just sparked off another round of busy here.

I am teaching classes in March at the local college in their adult education programme, so having to get worksheets/supply lists/examples all organised and ready in preparation for it. So have been busy with that, got three canvases and one monogram done, still have a scrappers technique book to organise yet and perhaps a couple more monograms to be on the safe side.

Though that in itself is causing more work, I am having a heck of a time sourcing some particular letters, and though I know of someone who makes them, it appears he is not selling them at the moment. So me being me I thought okay I am going to give this a try myself! So yesterday went and got some MDF to try my hand out at it. Now to print out some letter templates to mark onto the MDF to cut around. Hopefully its not to miserably hard using a jigsaw, since this is something I have yet to experience.

Painting, well we progressed nicely last weekend and completely finished the ceiling! Mind it took five coats to do it! DRATS! Okay so after getting two coats on and having strange marks showing through, (remember we have hardboard lining our kitchen) that we decided that a coat of primer/sealer was called for, and after that went on the two top coats looked fantastic. Next time and yes there is going to be a next time I will make sure that the sealer/primer is the first coat on.

Chris is off to Europe at the end of next week so instead of doing more on the kitchen we are going to have some family time. The kitchen will wait, its not going anywhere and maybe just maybe by the time he returns all the door frames and the window will be done and dusted!

School starts again for the year in 10 sleeps time! The countdown to going back to school is rather bittersweet actually, Anya is so excited to go back to school, she is getting just a bit bored and wants to get back to school. She's so excited to meet her new teacher and to play with her friends as well. We have managed to catch up with a few of them over the holidays, but its not quite the same.

And with the new school year starting it also starts the countdown to Dannielle starting school. October is going to roll round rather quickly I think and before I know it I will have two school girls! I have to admit that I am at a loss as to where the last few years have gone, we bought Dannielle home here from the hospital and now, here she is looking forward to going to school.

Okay I was going to add some more digi pages that I have done but its getting late in the morning and I haven't got as much done as I should so I will come back later and add them then.


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