Sunday, February 04, 2007


Well first up we got back this afternoon from our overnight stay at Glenrock Station. I only wish we could have had longer there, talk about peace and quiet! And I am so proud of myself! Normally when we have to go over less than ideal metal (shingle) roads I get Chris to drive. Well obviously that was so not going to be happening this time.

24 kms of semi formed metal road, 5 fords to cross and not the concreted kind either, think big boulders with smaller shingle, well the bigger rocks looked huge to me anyway. 4 of them had water flowing over them, and while not horrendously deep still deep enough that you could flood your engine if you went a bull at a gate at them. Nothing went wrong, and I did it all by myself, mind I only saw one other car on the road and that was right at the very beginning of the metal road, today it was like a two lane major expressway!
What with dratted sheep, a heavy tow, tow truck! at least half a dozen if not a dozen other cars and I got pictures to! Okay so I obviously stopped and got them, you sure as heck would not have got me doing anything other than sitting still while that massive tow truck went past!

Photos :-

Okay so to let you all know I took these next few on the way back today.
This first one is the road with water filled ford, there is a reasonably high bank down to the left of the photo that leads to the Rakaia river, not something you want to get to close to the edge of!

Okay I could have coped with the kiwi traffic jam, its just that rather large bright orange truck following the dang silly critters and taking up the majority of the road. The car in front is our friend Jules with his wife Ces and their family in! Can you tell he was a little braver than me and gave the truck a little more clearance! Me I figured if he couldn't get round me then he didn't deserve his truck licence! It was probably the nicest of all possible places to have met this truck, (there was at least a little breathing room here) since the rest of the road is rather narrow!

Now when we arrived there yesterday Jules came back up from the river to meet us, the girls had a blast, paddling in a very muddy little puddle at the edge of the very swiftly flowing river. Now Jules is a bit of a keen fisherman, so him armed with a new rod and salmon fishing licence he decided he was going to try his hand, well my two and his youngest daughter decided that they wanted in on this also. Here is my youngest for all the world trying to copy every single thing Jules did with the fishing rod!

Glenrock Station Cottage

And the view from the patio taken at sparrows this morning!

And in other news, we heard from Chris this afternoon, about 5pm here, and yes Spain is 12 hours behind and yes he was up at 5 am, he got woken by a street cleaner or rubbish truck or the like going past his hotel room window and figured he better ring then before he fell asleep again and didn't wake up till late.

He said they had good flights but that they are buggered, mind it could have something to do with walking around a good part of Barcelona soon after arriving there after a very long flight from NZ! And they are hoping to get out to go on the cable car today. He sent a photo through to me, keep in mind its supposedly winter there at the moment right! Here he is with a tshirt under a long sleeved tshirt and all the other people (presumably locals) are all rugged up in big jackets or coats! 16 degrees! We would be so blessedly happy to get 16 degrees during winter days here.


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