Friday, February 02, 2007

He's off

on a whirlwind tour of Europe via Singapore.

Thats right Chris left this afternoon for 2 weeks, he heads through Singapore to Milan (very short transit stop there only! dang it!) then on to Barcelona. He's there for a few days then is on to Lisbon, a few more days there then onto Paris then Munich (transit) to Bremen in Northern Germany where the temps have reached whopping highs of 0 degrees! then back through Frankfurt for another transit stop before hopping a plane home once again via Singapore.

The girls did really well, could have been the sweeties Daddy slipped them, the fact that the boxes had penguins from Happy Feet on didn't hurt either. Maybe he should have slipped me a few sweeties too, since I was feeling far from capable!

It's funny actually my darling mother in law called me a capable woman, one who just copes with what ever happens. Well I have to admit that I was feeling far from capable but managed to make it home with no hiccups.
So what was I to do? I figured I had two options - sit there and feel all sorry for myself! OR go and do something only a capable woman would do!
I took the latter and went and swung a spade tossing more of our immense pile of grass into the wheelie bin for collection on Monday. I tell you its good to do mundane brainless jobs like that, if nothing else it gives you time to think and to figure out how daft you are being.

Now I have to go, Mum (MIL) has just arrived, we are going to have some dinner together. And wouldn't you know it the darling lady has bought me the most beautiful red Gerbera Daisy.
Talk about make my day.


Blogger scrapgeek said...

Hope the next two weeks go quickly and are hassle free (and that he brings back cool goodies from Europe!!)

10:56 PM  

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