Tuesday, February 06, 2007

100 posts later

Well I have to admit to being quite surprised with myself, I have never been all that wonderful at keeping any sort of diary so the fact that I have reached 100 posts here is kinda saying something! Maybe it's got to do with the fact that its a computer based thing rather than having to try and hunt down a dratted diary.

Okay so I apologise to any dentists reading this but I could sure throw a tanty at the dentist that told me there was nothing at all wrong with my teeth (that he decided should be left in when I had most of my teeth out!) One of the ones that has a wrap thingie on it for my bottom plate broke in half at the end of January, and no I haven't done anything about it but I am sure I am going to have to cause its still degrading and now its kinda on the painful side! Okay let me say I have issues with dentists anyway! So I probably don't go as often as I should, but since they charge like wounded bulls I usually do the bare minimum!

So for me to go and get a whole heap of teeth out, and needed sedation to do it kinda says something so the thought of having to go back and get this newly broken tooth out is kinda not my idea of fun! Especially without sedation!!!!! And even if it does break off all by itself I still need to go and get another tooth put into my plate!
Why couldn't he have just done as I asked and taken the whole lot out? Okay so its harder with a full bottom plate as well but its got to be better than this craziness.

Maybe its got something to do with the wild nor easter that has blown in! Its sure enough to drive you nuts, and since we live on the edge of the village there isn't anything that gets in the way of it for us, so we get blasted with it!

Have plenty to be doing though, got to find school things and get the girls lunch ready. Dinner, bath night, dishes, hopefully a call from Chris before the girls go to bed, and hopefully Dannielle actually stays in bed again tonight.
So I guess I should get my butt into gear and get it done so I can sit down and chill out later.


Blogger Cori said...

Ouch, my teeth hurt just reading your post :( My SIL has had so many problems with her plates, I know how much agony she has been in before. Hope you feel better!

8:00 PM  

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