Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh my its been a while again

Ever so sorry to leave you all hanging, I promise to at least TRY and do better from now.

Well this past Sunday was a trying one for us, many of you know we are the proud owners of an older home, one that when we moved in had many interesting colour choices on the walls, floors, ceilings etc. Well we have rectified three of those rooms, (the bathroom, the girls room and the playroom/spareroom). Our room wasn't too dated and is still in fairly good nick so its just going to have to wait. However the kitchen really was starting to drive us both batty.

I mean in whose eyes would a light moss green walls with dirty apricot cupboard doors and that hideous 70's old gold carpet ever go together? Well that is all about to change, well it started on Sunday, the sanding! Uhhhhh this is after getting everything off the walls, and off the surfaces that didn't need to be there and some that did need to be there but we will just have to work around that till we get this kitchen of ours done.

This is going to be a bit of a temporary measure also in the fact that in a few years time (i'm hoping 5, while Chris thinks more like 10. Yeah well in truth probably somewhere in between) we will be able to redo the back of the house, new bathroom, laundry, toilet, internal access from another double garage, and in turn move the bathroom from where it is now increasing our kitchen space two fold. But in the mean time there was no longer anyway I/we could live with the hideousness that is our kitchen.

Sanding old houses is never fun! Uhh must have something to do with all the lead they used to add to paint etc, that and the fact that our kitchen is lined with hardboard not gib! The easy way would have been to re-gib the whole thing but unfortunately that was not going to be an option so sand it we did! Or should I say Chris sanded the whole dang ceiling, (I kept spinning like a top standing on the table with nothing to hold onto!) while I did the walls! Or as far as I could reach up them without standing on anything which means of course that there is still the top quarter of the walls to do yet.

And the plastering, uhh poor Chris has seen more gaps in our house than we realised we had! Nothing at all seems to be straight which I guess considering the house was built somewhere between 19?? and 1945 is not too bad. At least this one has withstood the test of time with only a few sags and bags here and there. Unlike some of the newer leaky homes!

So its been a case of waiting for plaster to dry to be sanded off and then replastered before we can paint the sealer coat on. The chap at the hardware store I got the paint from swore by it, said that it would help us with paint stickability no end. What he doesn't yet realise is that if it doesn't he is going to be told in no uncertain terms about it.

And talking about giving store workers/contractors a peice of my mind we have contractors outside our boundary laying sewerage pipes up to the new subdivision at the other end of our road. Uhhhhhh what really bugged the snot out of me is that our street address is not on the street they are working on so they didn't see fit to come and tell us that this would be occuring!

Duh how many marbles does it take to figure out if there is one letterbox (street address) on a street but you can see three houses on said street and our dang drive way that the people in these other houses may like to know about said earthworks as well.
Poor bugger looked absolutely terrified when I went marching along there yesterday asking why I hadn't been told about this as it was going to affect us as well. Yeah he had every right to be terrified, I was spitting mad, okay so its the council land and he is working for the council but do we ever see the council come and mow the verge? HUH not dang likely!
So as soon as the girls wake up after their late night last night we are going to depart our house for the day, the noise they are creating is enough to drive me batty! It was bad enough yesterday when they were down outside our neighbours house!

I will come back in a bit and load some of my recent layouts up, but I need to go track down something to eat right now.


Blogger scrapgeek said...

you gotta love bureaucracy!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Whimsical Woman said...

I'll phone when I get home tonight & you can come over for coffee to get away from the chaos! See you then.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Paint Chip (aka Cindy) said...

OMG you all are soooo very busy. Seems exhausting to hear of all the things you need to accomplish. Good luck with everything!

9:20 AM  

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