Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh my poor neglected blog ...

Okay so we have been a bit busy here the last few days, well 6 to be precise. See Chris had to go back to work today so we got stuck in and got stuff done around here.

So wht have we been up to? Well we sorted out paint colour for our kitchen and managed to get $$$ off it, yippeee! Our kitchen is lined with hardboard, and having been created in the 60s? they had added those wonderfully decorative 1/2 round mouldings over the joins instead of plastering it! Uhhh colour that butt ugly, so anyway Chris went round the other day and pulled all of the hideous stuff off! No more ugly half round moulding on our walls.

We have picked up neutral colours for the kitchen, the rest of the rooms are inspired by a paua shell so I guess you could say the kitchen is loosely inspired by the outside of the paua shell. Browns in varying shades. The hideous gold carpet that we currently have on our floor is going! Well it will as soon as I can find some cheap lino to replace it with. Who in their right mind would put carpet, and not very good carpet in a kitchen? Let alone butt ugly gold acrylic stuff!

I have more sketches done, just need to find five minutes peace to get them uploaded and the previews up at cherpea designs (have a look over in the little bar thingie to the left there for the link to the design blog). Have been scrapping too, got several layouts done, some I can't show you right now well not until I get them loaded up to the site the competition is on anyway. But I can tell you one is a layout looking back at 2002. Do you know how snotting busy I/We were in 2002. You will have to wait to see it cause you really won't believe it otherwise! I thought about adding photos to it, but I swear I would have had miniscule little thumbnails for photos if I did that or about a 10 page layout. Can you see that happening? Nah me either.

I have just completed another for a quote challenge on a board I frequent that I am really rather pleased with, might just have to submit that one to a few mags as well.
Speaking of submitting to mags, I did just that today, actually had something I really liked that mostly fit the bill so sent them off. Hey you never know, maybe just maybe a big US based mag will love my work and publish it. Well a girl can dream can't she? But I swear I am not, repeat not going to start creating layouts specially for calls. If they don't fit like they are then it don't get picked up, no skin off my nose. And I think somehow with that attitude I am actually creating great pages. Why? Cause I am simply doing it for myself, and not caring two hoots if anyone else likes it or not!

Do you remember a couple of posts back me telling you about my cleaning fit? Well it appears that dang bug lives in our house at the moment and the little bugger seems to be finding me really rather tasty cause the little ratfink keeps nibbling on me! I had a huge fit yesterday and sorted through the playroom, sorting out toys, sorting them into boxes so that the girls can actually keep their toys tidy themselves! The lounge had not escaped my notice the night before and got seriously dealt to! All the Christmas decorations went the day before that, they are all nicely tucked up in their one big box now ready and waiting for next Christmas.

So thats what has been happening here for us. Keep an eye out for those templates over at the design blog and if you are a scrapper, happy scrapping! Will be doing some more digi myself tonight then tommorrow paper scrapping with friend. Gotta sort out the classes I will be teaching in the first term too.


Blogger scrapgeek said...

If my any chance that 2002 layout is for my comp - feel free to post it here. I would love to see it :)

8:47 PM  
Blogger Paint Chip (aka Cindy) said...

Man, oh man you have been a busy woman! As much as my art studio could use a good cleaning right now, I'm still hoping that bug doesn't come my way too soon. I'm having too much fun making messes at the moment. No time to stop and clean. LOL

2:04 AM  

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