Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brrrrr its cold!

The morning after the snow and things are getting back to normal here, more traffic on the roads today than there was yesterday, though with the ice around they are somewhat slower.
No playcentre today so the girls are home, snuggled up in the warm.

When Chris got home last night the kids were keen to go back out into the snow, so we get them all bundled up again and they go out and spend some time with Daddy, then Chris ducks in for a minute and tells me he needs me and the camera outside now please.
He had got a tarpaulin out of the garage and was dragging the girls round the snow laden lawn on it. What a delightful noise that was, the girls squealing in delight and whenever Chris stopped to catch his breath it was "more Daddy, MORE!"

Anyway here are a few of the results.

And here's one of our snow laden roof, Chris had been round and knocked all the icicles off the spouting and some of the snow that was quickly filling up the spouting.

And below is a shot I took this morning while on the phone with my Mum, I happened to look out our kitchen window and here on the wee fence was snow piled up with little bits starting to melt out of it, loved the look of it with the sun shining through from behind it.

Okay so hopefully its not just me who can see the beauty of this. I know weird seeing beauty in snow, but thats me!


Blogger Tammy said...

Looks like the girls were having so much fun!

3:31 PM  

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