Thursday, June 15, 2006

Family - a layout

Family Stamp (and line of circles) - Family Kit by Jan Crowley at the Digi Chick

Background - Cream from Andrea Burns Sample kit

Doodles - Dawn Moore

Journalling reads

A group of people who love and are loved unconditionally!

December 2005

Okay so there it is what do you think? Different for me, brown is not usually my colour, but I kinda like it. Anyway thats one more idea out of my head, now onto the next!

On the news front, Chris was home till about 1 this afternoon, he had meetings late this evening so while I am puttering away here he is hard at work. Oh and he heard the other day the big training programme he was doing this past year (Black Belt management training - no not martial arts!) has finished his project was accepted outright, no reworking/rewording of it at all. So he is now officially a black belt!

So anyway since you all know that we are redecorating here you will not be shocked to hear that we moved the girls out of their bedroom this morning and into the spare room for a short time while we tackle their room. Not quite as big a move as we had first imagined but since all the excess stuff from the spare room had been moved out before the final painting and wallpapering session in there we had a fairly easy task.

Will be getting stuck into sanding this weekend, so anyone who feels like popping by and lending us a hand, feel free.


Blogger Geyla said...

I really like what you have done Cheryl, very nice and a super photo too :o) xx

8:08 AM  

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