Monday, June 19, 2006

Another layout and redecoration update

Okay so this digi thing is catching on! Quite enjoying it to tell you the honest truth, its sure stretching my brain some though!

But is that really a bad thing? I remember my Nana saying that you should learn something new every day that it keeps your brain exercised! Well she would be so proud of me right now! My brain is looking the well exercised brain thats for sure!

Anyway enough of that babble you are here to check out what we have been up to well this is part of it. I took the photo at my next door neighbours place, they have to most deliciously thick and soft lawn and this soft summer lazing look was just what I was after. Took the photo in January along with about 1oo others! Okay maybe excessive but they weren't all of Dannielle!

Papers - Flower Garden & Passionate Purple from Chelseys Dream kit - Michelle Coleman
Word Art - Daniela Puess Love and Affection Kit
Silver Pin - je t adore kit by Isabelle Cyr aka zazou
Stitching - Ivonne (downloaded from Scrapbook Bytes)

Redecorating, yep its still going on here! Though this is going to be the last room till at least summer! You know you can really get way over redecorating, the sanding down, the painting, things everywhere, and not being able to find what you are looking for right when you need it!

We are doing the girls room at the moment, they have been moved into the newly done spare room which means we have a clear, or should I say relatively clear floor space to work with. Now if you all remember their room had the most awful brown wallpapered ceiling (you know looks like craft paper or that brown wrapping paper that you get to post parcels around the place!)
And on the walls the most truly hideous brown bamboo leaf design paper! What can I say but dark, dull and totally dreary.

Well all that hideousness got well and truly attacked yesterday and is now a sanded back waiting for the new paper to go up, but gotta do the ceiling first look. Took Chris and I all day to sand those walls and ceiling back! And the dust! Icky fine, clog up at any hint of moisture and talk about taste terrible! It is just not possible to sand back something and NOT swallow half of it!
Then late afternoon we got the first coat of brilliant white ceiling paint on! What a difference even that has made. It is going to look so stunningly awesome when its finished!

And yes I do say so myself!

Girls are off at kindy at the moment, the first time for Dannielle in two weeks, first there was the Queens birthday holiday then last Monday it snowed! So while it has been quiet here I have been catching up on Toy Library stuff (finished that for a little bit again!) and updating here. In between taking what seems like a thousand phone calls! Oh and trying to sort things out for the trip to Dunedin on the 30th. Toy Library conference and four of the committee are going, this will be my second conference and am rather looking forward to it. Means Chris will get to spend some quality time with the girls for the weekend!


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