Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thought I would share some layouts

Pattern Paper - Laura Alpuche - Lovely in Lilac NSD Kit from the Digi Chick
Cardstock - AngeDawn - Lovely in Lilac NSD Kit from the Digi Chick
Font - Black Jack Regular
Doodles by Dawn Moore (thanks Dawn)

Journalling reads
It's rather funny really, another one of us who peeps her tongue out when she is concentrating on something.And I would bet you didn't even realise you were doing it! I do the exact same thing, Grandad Bus does as well and he got it from his Mum, your Great Nana Shrimpton.

Font - Susie's Hand
Paper - Minigrowth from New Growth kit by Tia Bennett
"enjoy" - web freebie rubon words by Katie Pertiet for Designer Digitals

Journalling reads:
Trips to the ducky park are one of your all time favourite things to do!You happily run round after them tossing bread to them, though at times I do wonder whether its the other way round.

A winters trip to the ducky pond in Ashburton, saw you following this wee white duck around. It was just so sweet hearing you call out to the little whiteduck "come on mummy duck come and have some bread". When I asked you how you knew it was a mummy duck and not a daddy duckyou quite matter of factly told me that it had to be a Mummy duckbecause it was white! Now how could you argue with logic like that?

Note the above layout has a white background and it doesn't show up all that well here!

Flourish overlay - Michelle Coleman at ScrapArtist
Font - Black Jack

Photo taken yesterday, journalling reads

June 12 2006, the day the snow came and didn't stop till early afternoon. What is special about that is because we live near the sea we normally only get a light fall maybe once a year. Well this particular storm or weather bomb as shey are calling it came out of absolutely no where and left a heavy layer of snow all over Canterbury and the lower South Island.

Of course the girls couldn't wait to get out and play in it.

Flourish overlay - Michelle Coleman at ScrapArtist
Font - Susie's Hand

Dannielle you are our little explorer. It gets you into some very interesting predicaments.You had to shake the tree just to see what would happen! Would you have believed me if I had told you what was going to happen? Probably not, and thats what growing up and learning is all about. You also learnt a great lesson on action and reaction. And I managed to catch you in that split second before you shook the tree. You found out really quickly what happens when you shake a snow laden tree!


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