Monday, June 26, 2006

I entered a competition

A digital scrapping one at that! After trying to figure out what should be a really basic task this morning I am seriously wondering where my head was at entering this competition! But enter I have, and I have completed the first of the five layouts required. Now the voting begins, and since my layout is sooooo completely different to anything else there I am really not expecting much to come from it.

Nearly forgot to add the credits
Font; Garamond
black background - by me
everything else from

Anyway for what its worth there is my layout, very different, very black and quite a simple graphic design to it. NOT everyones cup of tea thats for sure. I guess we just have to wait and see how the voting goes now!

Busy weekend again this weekend, Chris and I have got all the wallpaper with the exception of the border up in the girls room, now we just need to leave it a couple of days to dry completely and get some border paste and the job will be done!

Trip into town with Dannielle on Friday with a stop at Spotlight proved to be very worthwhile! They had 50% off selected nets, and the net swags we had in our room and the girls room were looking very worse for wear. Looking much better now with new sunfilter accross each window! The beauty of these was that the hems and the tops were already done so all I had to do was overlock down each side, and that took only a matter of minutes. So new net curtains and it didn't cost an arm and a leg either! Gotta be a bonus.


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