Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a busy old time of it ...

okay so whomever it was that pushed fast forward on the universal remote will you quit it! Put life back onto normal play will ya!

It seems like life is just getting busier and busier and although I wouldn't mind the winter that we finally now have to zoom on by to bring back the warm weather to us I do kinda object to not being able to keep up with everything that I want or need to do!

Blogging seems to be one of the things that slips by, you know how you have all the best intentions to get to it and then the day just slips right on by! Well not today!

What's been happening here? Lots! First up in news would be the fact that Anya has finally succumbed and caught a full on dose of ... wait for it.....


Okay so we all know chicken pox is not fun! And Anya has got them full on, poor wee poppet is not a happy camper! Grumpy, tired, very teary, itchy ... the whole shooting works.

And do you think she will let me near her with a camera? NOPE not on your life! She just bursts into tears and tells them to stop teasing her, if anyone asks her about her chicken pox. So going to have to do a page on that, okay it will be sans a photo of Miss 5 well at least one with spots showing anyway but still so worth it!

We went away in our camper on the 3rd, all was going well till we realised at shortly after 6 we had forgotten to put in night naps for the D girl, well even thats not right cause I know I packed some in there for her, but I think some little helper might have come along after me and taken them back inside.

So anyways we end up leaving the spot we had chosen to come home to grab the essentials and then head back out, not to our inital spot but to Coes Ford which is just down the road a ways from us here.

WE did of course choose the first very cold night to have our first experience in the camper, and yes we survived! We woke up to a minus 4 frost on Monday (which was the Queens birthday holiday here).

We are planning a trip away with Jules and Ces and their crew for a few days in Hanmer soon so we can't have been too put off by the chilly wake up.

What else? mmmmm, have I told you that I got another two pages picked up to go in the Aug/Sept issue of Ready Set Create? Its an online scrapping magazine, paper, digital and hybrid so there is something in it for everyone. Well worth checking out, the issue cost is minimal and so very much worth the money!

If you are interested here is the link to check it out, you can even download a sample of the magazine as well! http://readysetcreate.blogspot.com/

Oh and with the help of the super talented Jen Caputo I managed to create this!

You see that little heart peeking out of the ripped piece there, well in paper its not that hard to do, but trust me without Jen's help I would never and I mean never have been able to do this, but Jen shared some wonderful video tutorials on how to do this over on her blog. So if you want to try it as well go check them out here ... http://jencaputo.typepad.com/
And my boss the fantabulous Lisa Whitney is about to have a huge sale! If you haven't already checked out her designs don't delay, sneak over and check her blog regular like so that you don't miss the chance to get you hands on her designs! A little birdie told me you won't regret it!
http://lisawhitney.typepad.com/ a link that will take you straight to her designs over at Scrap Artist can be found on the first button up there on the right hand side of the page.


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