Friday, May 25, 2007

5.30am start required!

Uhhh who in their right mind is willingly awake at 5.30 in the morning?

Okay so you know I don't do mornings well! So I made very sure I got first dibs on the shower this morning so that I did actually stand a chance of being awake enough to herd the kiddos into the van to drive into the airport! No I wasn't planning on getting the kiddos to drive, though they both would tell you they know how to drive! But that is a whole different story which if I remember will answer one day, but for now its why were we up at such a horrendous time of the morning and driving to the airport?

Well the answer is simple its so that Chris and Dannielle could catch a flight to Auckland to go pick our new girl up! Apparently a good clear flight that the D girl absolutely loved, yabbered the whole way apparently! Tee hee that would have been a sight to see, her yapping the whole way up there with not even a biscuit to keep her quiet for a few seconds! She is definitely a chatterbox!

The guy from the yard picked them both up at the airport and took them back to meet our newest family member, and Chris's words exactly to describe her! "She needs a dang good clean!"

Mmmm might have to invite Mum P round to help us with that project, see she loves cleaning, which is more than okay by me but you see I am not that much of a clean freak and it bugs the boogies out of Chris that I am not. Okay so if its icky enough for Chris to have an ick at, then it will probably bug me too, so I will clean it, though probably not quite to the standard that his Mum would! So there is a project we can do together, clean the new girl up!

There will no doubt be other bits that I will do to her, like quite possibly get rid of the icky poo blue curtains! Blue is so not my colour, well not the dark and dreary blue anyway. And I am sure there are other bits that I can add to make her right homely!

So today Chris and the D girl are in Auckland, I think there were plans to perhaps go somewhere like Kelly Tarltons (though Chris was shocked at the price to get in there!) which the D girl will absolutely adore! And then head off down the island heading for Wellington.

Now obviously being a racing snail and all he is not going to make it to Wellington tonight! So somewhere mid way tonight, then onto Levin for dinner with Sarah and David on Saturday then tootle on from there after dinner to Wellywood! And since he has to be at the Ferry terminal by 7.30 me thinks perhaps it will be somewhere very very close to there!

Oh and Anya and I will have another horrendously early start Sunday morning, we are going to catch the train from Chch to Blenheim to meet the by then probably weary travellers and see our new beastie for ourselves. I will at last get a chance to drive her then, as we make our way back home later that day.

Yeah okay so its a fairly hurried trip, but we plan on a longer holiday in her later so we can go with it this time in anticipation of a longer or slightly more relaxed trip next time.
We do have to after all be home in time for Anya's big performance! Can't have one of the stars late for their own show now can we? More on that next time though!


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Sounds exciting! And yes, Kelly Tarlton's is expensive!!

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