Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Okay so obviously I need to make time each few days

to come here and actually post something! Very naughty of me not posting sooner!

Life seems to be running on fast forward at the moment, I think its time to slow it down!

Okay in the news from here, the first bit of awesome news comes from last night. There has been a bit of a drought going on here, not weather wise unfortunately but last night at Camera club the drought broke!

See the drought I am talking about was the honours award drought! Well last night that kinda broke! With this image bringing home an honours award for me.

titled - The Hat
The section it won in was Blue, so photographs had to depict blue however you chose. And let me tell you there were some amazingly awesome entries so I am thrilled that mine picked up an honours amongst some very tough competition!
Now I have playcentre duty this morning so I need to be off here and doing stuff, I will come back and post those layouts I promised you last time and haven't got round to. If not today then tommorrow! In the mean time have a good one and we will catch you on the flip side.
Oh and Steph, CONGRATULATIONS girl for joining me in the honours club last night!


Blogger scrapgeek said...

Congratulations - very cool photo :)

10:24 AM  

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