Friday, May 18, 2007

I got some tootin' to do!

Its been rather an amazing couple of weeks, you know how some times things just kinda all line up and work so nicely together?
All the ducks in a row thing, well my ducks have definitely been all lined up nicely and now I get the pleasure of sharing the news.

First up I got picked up by Up2Scrap (New Zealands Scrapping magazine) again, with this page created using some of Lisa Whitneys fantastic designs and a template created by myself with some help from my dear friend the ever so clever Dawn Moore.

Okay so its really quite exciting to see something you have created published in a magazine, and getting to tell a designer that you were published using their designs well that just rocks! Now if you are lucky like me and get to tell your awesome super boss that you got published using her designs well that is just icing on the proverbial cake!

Now I got to do a little shopping thanks to Lisa, what can I say but thank you girl, YOU ROCK!!!!

So last weekend as we all know it was Mothers Day here, as well as in most other parts of the world, though I do believe in England that they had already celebrated that holiday! Well anyway it was also Scrap Artist's second birthday and as part of the celebrations they were having a cyber crop where you could join in the fun challenges and maybe even win some prizes, well I love scrappin' as you know so how could I resist?

Now do you remember the first page I shared in the previous post? Well that wee beauty won me an Honourable Mention in the "What ScrapArtist means to me." challenge! Wooohooo, my poor friend and neighbour Justine was here visiting with me when I found out this pretty cool news, poor girl her ears were ringing still later that afternoon. Okay so a hooot and a holler in a small space does kinda ring round a bit! It also won me a wee shopping spree in the Scrap Artist shoppe, so needless to say you are gonna be seeing yet more pages out of me in the not so distant future.

Okay so did I share the fact that we are in the process of building a new garage? Anyone who knows us well, know that we have more than a few cars or motorbikes that are part of our family at any particular point in time, and recently we have had to ask Chris' Mum if we could park a bike and the side car at her house since our poor double garage was quite simply put at groaning point and was threatening to explode if we tried to add anything else in it! Now I know its not just our council here that is struggling with processing times for building permits and the like but when you decide you need or want something like this, you usually hope you can get it completed fairly quickly! Alas that is not the case so far. Hopefully by mid July we will be underway.

And now we are in the process of finding the perfect motorhome to add to our family, so that the human elements to the family can get away on shortish holidays every now and then. Will keep you posted on the developments with this.


Blogger Mic said...

Congratulations, Cheryl, you SO deserve it! And we have the best "boss" ever, donĀ“t we?


8:49 AM  

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