Tuesday, May 29, 2007

She's here, and a little toot

Thats right the newest member of our family is now at home with us.
But it meant another early start for Anya and I on Sunday morning, I was up at 4am! yes you did read that right!!!! and after getting the last bits and pieces done I got Anya up just after 5am so we could leave in plenty of time to get to the train station.

If you haven't experienced the TranzScenic train trip, I have to say go do it! Its fantastic! Well worth the money and a very nice way to take in the countryside without the stress of driving. And since the train tracks and road part company occassionally there are times that you actually see parts of the country that you wouldn't see if you were driving. Took a few photos during the trip but haven't downloaded them yet but when I get a moment I will try and share some here.

Anya tried to wait patiently for Chris and Dannielle to get to the Blenheim train station, but with every camper that went past was, is that Daddy? No its not, where's Daddy and Dannielle? Now imagine this every few minutes. So needless to say when they did arrive she greeted them bouncing up and down with sheer excitement.

I have to say she's not too bad at all, yes definitely in need of a good hard clean, some new gas lines just to be on the safe side and a few little tarting up bits and pieces done but otherwise she's absolutely perfect for us. And yes, I have driven her. From Blenheim to Kaikoura, even over the Awatere Road Rail bridge. If you know that bridge at all its not a terribly smooth few minutes and one I refuse to cross if the train is on the top tier, thankfully it wasn't at the time, so I didn't have irate drivers behind me.

They are building another bridge to take the road traffic off the bottom of the current bridge so as soon as they get that finished no more noisy, Oh lordy there is a train on top of me, only just wide enough bridge to cross!

Now I mentioned I had a little toot to share also, each month I go to camera club in the hopes of getting a placing. And you know at the beginning of this month I was able to tell you I broke the Honours drought right? Well since next Monday which would normally be camera club night is a public holiday here in New Zealand the meeting was held last night.
And I can say the honours drought is well and truly broken! I received another honours in the Open category with this photo entitled Attitude.

And the following image gained an acceptance. Entered in the Digitally projected/edited category and entitled Daisy Blue.

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