Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Promised Pages

Well a couple anyways to tide you over till I can get back here and load up some more!

Have got lots achieved tonight, got rid of the icky little snot catcher mouse in our pantry! Dunged out a whole rubbish bag full of crud from said pantry and started on a second! boy does the pantry sure look clean now. Chris was thrilled at my sheer ruthlessness! Now to just run that same ruthlessness through my office!

Created using –Paper & Swirl Doodles – A Beautiful Mess
Cardboard piece – Ripped Cardboard
Stitching – Ultimate Stitches Vol 1
Doodle Flower – Painted Doodle Flowers

All by Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist

Fonts - Porcelain & Garamond

My husband under the Eiffel Tower in February.
Its hard to be understood when you speak no French and your Driver doesn't speak/understand English to ask to stop for a photo (in this case away from the Tower) 1 minute stopped underneath the Tower is all they had quick photo op, horns screaming in the background at their taxi parked in the road! Then off again to try and get to the airport before their plane left.

None the less a very cool photo op to have gotten!

Elements by Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist Journal Box template, ripped cardboard, stitching (ultimate stitching vol 1), outline alphas (chalked full of fun kit)
Papers – Sue Cummings (brown and dirty paper pack) (background and fill for alphas)
Font - Garamond

And last but by no means least a huge achievement for my wee girl! And yes before you ask I do have photos that include her face, but I love this photo it just kinda screams look at what I have done and had to use it first. But will scrap the others or at least some of them soon!

Paper (recoloured) – Sue Cummings (colorwash brown and dirty)
Paper Curl – Anna Aspnes @ Designer Digitals (paper curls vol 2)
Frame - Lucie Goikoetxea aka LemonaidLucy
Swing Stamp – Katie Pertiet @ Designer Digitals (Defining Moment)

but for now I am off to catch some zzzzz's before morning strikes yet again! And another busy day begins!


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