Friday, June 29, 2007

Meeting a challenge

Okay so I found this interesting challenge the other day over on Nancy Comelabs blog, and this week instead of having to create a page it was to find a photo that moved you enough to take it in the first place, but that no one else really gets!

This is but one of the photos that I could enter here, the whole concept was not to have people as a focus, and while there is obviously a person, or at least their hand in the image that is not the sole focus of the photo. That would be the colouring in. The act of holding the pencil and creating art.

Okay that sounds all uppity and its not meant to be, and no this is not a crop from another image this is the image as it was taken! Okay now I know that lots of you will be thinking I am totally wierd! And thats okay with me ...

Anyway on with the show!

Oh and the frame that it's in is one of Nancy Comelabs works of art. If you are a digiscrapper and you haven't checked them out yourself yet you might want to. They are very realistic.


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